ARKU Establishes Rebuild Service for Parts Levelers and Coil Lines in North America

Program also includes rebuilding, sales and spare parts for other manufacturers' used levelers. Refurbished equipment performs like new for fraction of cost.

CINCINNATI, Ohio – ARKU's U.S. operation has instituted a new rebuilding service for its levelers and coil lines in North America. The company is also providing spare parts, rebuilding and sales of used parts levelers from other manufacturers, subject to availability. The program turns out like-new equipment for a fraction of new-machine cost, and the work can be done at the customer's site or at the company's plant in Cincinnati. The company is now purchasing older machines to rebuild and sell as they become available. Refurbished machines carry a six month warranty.

The program started in Germany with great success and was expanded to the company's stateside facilities. "We've already rebuilt and sold some levelers, both our own and other manufacturers" said Franck Hirschmann, VP Sales, ARKU Coil Systems. "Our technicians disassemble, clean, inspect and replace worn parts, and return the machines to like-new appearance and performance."

The program has also become the de facto parts and reconditioning operation for parts levelers no longer supported by the original manufacturers. "We primarily rebuild our own equipment, but we've also accumulated a supply of parts and a few used machines made by other companies," said Hirschmann. "We replace a lot of wear parts like bearings and universal shafts. We've even replaced electrical cabinets and converted a high-speed coil line leveler to a parts leveler, which runs at a slower speed."

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