Are OSHA Regulations Effective?

Dan Peterson and Scott Geller are safety theorists who claim that OSHA compliance doesn’t get at the root of a company’s safety problem. “Workers have to actively care for one another” said Mr.Geller.

Mr. Peterson stated “Regulatory compliance has very little impact on safety effectiveness. An organization’s culture dictates the effectiveness of safety elements.

Public health officials agree there is overwhelming evidence that regulations have made an enormous difference in reducing injuries, illnesses and fatalities.

Jeff Mattes, President of Three Sixty Safety appreciates both perspectives; “When you have the culture of safety, the regulations take care of themselves.” Mr. Mattes went on to say “Good culture and communication creates a safer environment.” For instance, if a worker notices that a new guard rail is needed, he or she should feel comfortable with addressing the need to management. In some organizations, employees are too intimidated by their superiors to voice a concern or potentially stop production.

According to Jeff Mattes, “Many companies don’t know whether they’re OSAH compliant or not.” The fact is, organizations have to be prepared for an OSHA inspection regardless of which side of the argument they find themselves.

Along with complete safety systems, which work to improve a company’s culture from the ground up, Three Sixty Safety also performs mock OSHA audits to find gaps in compliance, help to reduce fines, injuries, lost time, medical costs and workers’ compensation expenses.

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