Aquatherm North America Announces Rebranding

New logo and ad campaign launch at AHR Expo

Lindon, UT — Since its inception in 1973, Aquatherm has evolved into a leading manufacturer of plastic pipe systems for plumbing, air-conditioning, heating, and industrial applications. The family enterprise conducts business in 75 countries around the world with a North American presence that has vastly expanded in recent months.

In keeping with this strategic realignment, Aquatherm has introduced their “state of the pipe” slogan and logo to the North American market.

The Aquatherm brand is the expression of our company’s corporate performance, which is based on long-term corporate visions and values.

We are “state of the pipe” because we act independently and decisively while always being reliable, making us the leading manufacturer of polypropylene pipes. That’s how we were, are, and will remain!

Aquatherm manufactures and supports polypropylene piping systems that meet highly technical standards while providing customers a reliable, environmentally friendly, longer-lasting solution.

“we’ve got a pipe for that” Over the last decade or so, contractors, engineers, building owners, and facility managers (among others) experienced firsthand the benefits Aquatherm’s polypropylene piping systems offer. Yet every day – probably every hour in the U.S. and Canada – someone says: “I didn’t realize that we could use Aquatherm for that.”

This is the motivation behind our new advertising campaign and slogan: “we’ve got a pipe for that”.

The new campaign line speaks directly to contractors, engineers, building owners, and facility managers who need piping solutions for a wide variety of applications. The slogan positions Aquatherm as the one manufacturer with the expertise and solutions designed to solve tough challenges. “We’ve got a pipe for that” will be presented as the payoff to headlines that directly state a customer’s specific challenge.

The campaign headlines are designed to identify an application and position competing piping systems as a less-than-ideal solution or unable to meet the requirements of the installation in a single piping material/joining method.

“We’ve got a pipe for that” allows us to present our unique product differentiators throughout the tenure of the campaign. Differentiators will include: system longevity, ease of installation, widespread code approvals, seamless joints, light weight, impact resistant, and high-temperature (180°F at 100 psi) resistant to name just a few.

The ultimate goals of the new slogan and campaign are to create interest, position Aquatherm as a solutions provider, and motivate our potential customers and partners to find out more or call Aquatherm early in their specification processes.

Both of these new branding assets will be heavily exposed in 2016. Effective immediately, we ask that all media partners, manufacturer’s representatives, distribution partners, and other associates please use the new Aquatherm “state of the pipe” logo (attached in high- and low-resolution) going forward. The logo also will be available at

We look forward to working with you in the future and helping to illustrate to the North American construction industry that Aquatherm is “state of the pipe” and “we’ve got a pipe for that”.

About Aquatherm

Aquatherm’s low material, installation, and nonexistent maintenance costs, combined with sustainability and code approvals and listings, position it as the piping system of the present and the future. For more information, please visit or call 801-805-6657. Aquatherm – We’ve got a pipe for that.

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