Aquatherm Announces New Videos

Lindon, UT  — Aquatherm recently released three new videos designed to educate and engage customers and potential customers.

The first ToolTech video represents the launch of a new series focused on the wide range of tooling used to connect polypropylene-random (PP-R) piping systems. This inaugural video features the McElroy Spider™ 125 and takes viewers through the basic operational steps of this versatile socket fusion tool. The Spider is known for its for quick and accurate field installations of 2- 4 in. polypropylene pipe and fittings.

In coming months as they are created, these new ToolTech videos featuring third-party tool manufacturers, such as McElroy, Ritmo America, Rothenberger and Widos, will be released periodically at The ToolTech series eventually will cover the full range of socket fusion, butt fusion, and electrofusion tooling as it relates to Aquatherm’s product lines.

The new Contractor Profitability video tells the story of how the Aquatherm piping systems have played a role in the success of a few Nashville-area contractors. Profitability always has been and always will be at the top of a contractor’s priority list. But how can Aquatherm polypropylene-random (PP-R) piping systems benefit the bottom line more than other types of piping systems? Aquatherm recently produced a short video describing from several contractors’ points of view the impact PP-R piping has made not only on their wallets but, more importantly, on their customers’ buildings.

The new Retrofitting with Aquatherm video allows these same Nashville-area contractors the opportunity to explain how PP-R piping systems have excelled in several key areas of their retrofit projects. Benefits, such as PP-R’s lighter weight compared with metal systems and the lack of a need for an open flame or hot-work permit to fuse pipe, are highlighted along with several others.

All of these videos and many more are available at

About Aquatherm

Aquatherm’s low material, installation, and nonexistent maintenance costs, combined with sustainability and code approvals and listings, position it as the piping system of the present and the future. For more information, please visit or call 801-805-6657. Aquatherm – We’ve got a pipe for that.

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