Aquaria Water LLC Announces the Installation of a New Innovative Intake Filtration System for the Taunton River Desalination Plant

August 3, 2009, Dighton and Avon, MA - Aquaria Water LLC announced today that the first of several innovative Intake Micro-Filtration systems have been installed in the Taunton River Desalination plant. Aquaria Water LLC is a joint venture between Inima and Bluestone Energy, created to provide high-quality drinking water to the City of Brockton, MA and the surrounding communities of Southeastern MA. Inima USA is operating the 10-million-gallon-per-day Desalination facility in Dighton, Massachusetts that utilizes reverse osmosis to produce potable water from a tidal reach of the Taunton River. To minimize environmental impacts associated with entrainment and impingement Inima and Hanson, Murphy and Associates (HMA), North Easton, MA. have installed an intake design incorporating micro-filtration elements manufactured by Filtrex, Attleboro, MA. in a stainless steel structure fabricated by BEPeterson, Avon, MA.

Mr. Jeff Hanson, Hanson & Murphy said, "For many surface water intakes, impingement/ entrainment issues related to marine life forms is a growing environmental concern. There are currently few, if any, methods of dealing with this problem directly. HMA has investigated this problem in the context of surface water intakes in the application of water treatment systems. As a result of our investigation and testing into the issues of entrainment and impingement, we believe that the Intake filter utilizing the Filtrex(TM) technology provides a solution that is both direct and unique‖.

Mr. Sohail Zaiter, President of Filtrex said, The Filtrex filter system is an application of an industrial filter in which water passes through "candles" consisting of stacks of plastic wafers. Micro grooves in each wafer allow water to pass through very small passages. Considerable surface area and low approach velocity are achieved in a relatively small space with modules containing multiple candles. The current design for the TRDP delivering 21,000 gallons per minute (gpm) would employ 30 modules each consisting of 96, 4.6-inch-long candles. With this design an intake velocity of 0.204 feet per second (fps) is achieved. Candles can be cleaned by sequentially turning them off, at which time impinged material tends to drop off and be swept away by river flow".

Mr. Alfredo Andres, General Manager of Inima USA said, "The Filtration system has been approved for use by the Massachusetts Department of Public Water Resources. We are looking forward to be being on the cutting edge of this innovative water filtration technology. The entrainment and/or impingement of fish, larvae, fish egg, and other biota have been a long standing problem in the design of intake systems for withdrawal of large quantities of water from surface water sources. As part of the Clean Water Act Section 316(b) rules, the EPA monitors and regulates "the location, design, construction and capacity of water intake structures" to require that they reflect "the best technology available for minimizing adverse environmental impact(s)." We believe the Intake filter system being deployed is the best technology to address these issues for this particular project".

BEPeterson fabricated the stainless steel Intake Filter housing to specifications provided by Hanson & Murphy. Mr. Jeff Hanson, Principle at Hanson & Murphy, said, "Hanson & Murphy selected BEPeterson as the fabricator of these components based on BEPeterson's experience, facilities and their willingness to work with initial conceptual designs. They met a tight delivery schedule and provided the quality that we demand from our suppliers. They are a well established ASME and TUV certified welder which gives Hanson & Murphy the confidence that our Intake Filter housings will be fabricated to the highest standards".

Mr. Sohail Zaiter, Filtrex, said, "BEPeterson understands the rigorous requirements of metal fabrication. They are well aware of the quality, delivery and performance that our customers expect. As demands grows for Municipal Water filtration Filtrex will continue to be a significant supplier of innovative Filtex filter systems and our partnership with BEPeterson will be a critical part of our success".

Mr. Daniel Szczurko, Sales and Marketing Director of BEPeterson, said, "The relationship with Inima, Hanson & Murphy and Filtrex has been built on a responsibility to meet the project requirements though a commitment to a project plan and a thorough understanding of the product requirements. BEPeterson has made a commitment to the water filtration market and will work with Hanson & Murphy and Filtrex on all future requirements".

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