ANVER Corp. Takes Steps Towards Going Green

User's Guides and supplemental information now provided on USB flash drives

Hudson, MA - In efforts to reduce waste and save natural resources, ANVER Corporation has announced its enacting some basic, yet impactful, green initiatives. By eliminating the use of traditional paper User's Guides, ANVER customers will now receive USB flash drives with their vacuum lifter purchases. Each flash drive will include a User's Guide, drawings, specifications, and other supplemental information as needed.

ANVER is always seeking new ways to better serve its customers while focusing on environmentally friendly options. In addition to eliminating hundreds of pounds of paper waste each year, digital User's Guides are a fast, convenient way for customers to review, download, share, carry, or transfer product information. Customers can take advantage of the following benefits:

• User's Guides can be downloaded from the flash drive anytime, anywhere, and at no additional cost

• Lead time for documentation updates is significantly reduced

• User's Guides can be saved to hard drives, servers, or cloud networks

• Customer documents (e.g., maintenance records, etc.) can be saved/stored on the USB flash drive

• Documents are less likely to get lost

• Embedded hyperlinks and other additional information may be available

The downloadable files that come on the USB flash drive are compatible with both iOS and Windows operating systems.

ANVER has also taken part in manufacturing several alternative energy products to reduce the dependency on traditional forms of electricity and oil. ANVER offers a line of self-powered mechanical vacuum lifters that operate without electrical or compressed air power and use no petroleum lubricants to function. They cannot overheat and are unaffected by loss of electricity. The VB Series Regenerative Vacuum Pump, another eco-friendly product, has an oil-free design to prevent downstream contamination of gas or components. Contact ANVER to learn more about these and other products.

About ANVER Corp.

ANVER, founded in 1968, is a North American leader in vacuum handling technology. ANVER is a full-service manufacturer offering a complete range of vacuum handling products from miniature vacuum suction cups and vacuum pumps to complete Mill-Duty Vacuum Lifting Systems.

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