Announcing at PCIA 2010: ExteNet Distributed Antenna Systems Supporting Buildout of 4G LTE in Multiple Markets across U.S.

Outdoor networks - and the world's first indoor LTE over DAS network using patented iDuct® technology - prove ideal for ease of deployment and outstanding data throughput

LISLE, Ill. - ExteNet Systems, Inc. (ExteNet) has launched the first commercial LTE (Long-Term Evolution) distributed antenna system (DAS) in the United States. The 4G network in the core of Las Vegas is an upgrade of the more than 50-node DAS network installed by ExteNet during the 1st quarter of 2008. ExteNet has also deployed the world's first indoor LTE network in a building near Dallas, Texas that employs patented iDuct® technology to distribute the wireless signals through the building's heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) ductwork.


"Our existing Las Vegas network was a perfect fit for the high data demands placed on an LTE network," said Tormod Larsen, chief technology officer of ExteNet. "One big advantage of the outdoor LTE upgrade is that it could be completed in just a few weeks without any additional government approvals, permitting requirements or reconstruction work."

"Our flexible distributed networks are a very efficient way to support LTE's increased demands for improved radio signal quality and high capacity backhaul," said Larsen. "The Las Vegas network is exceeding data throughput of 17 megabits per second, which is close to theoretical rates."

ExteNet Systems is currently upgrading its existing outdoor distributed networks to support LTE at locations across the country, including networks in New York, Massachusetts, Texas, Michigan and California. The wireless carriers on these networks that are taking advantage of the flexibility to implement LTE include all the major carriers that are currently deploying LTE in the United States.


"The successful indoor deployment of LTE using patented technology- branded iDuct by ExteNet - has also proved highly successful," said Larsen. "Achieving high quality indoor service will be a key to the long-term commercial success for 4G LTE. Our indoor results in Texas support the academic research completed at Carnegie Mellon University with respect to the positive impact of MIMO (Multiple In Multiple Out) utilizing the patented iDuct methodology."

The indoor deployments using iDuct are installed under licenses from Cybercom Netcom Consultants AB and from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU).

The indoor installation that deploys LTE over iDuct provides high quality wireless service throughout the six-story corporate office of a wireless carrier's headquarters. The deployment was an upgrade of an existing ExteNet-installed CDMA indoor network covering more than 150,000 square feet of space.

ExteNet has deployed indoor systems using the iDuct technology in hospitals, high-rise buildings and corporate campuses, a massive convention center, a major university campus, and government buildings. The patented use of a facility's existing HVAC ductwork efficiently distributes high quality radio signals throughout the areas served by the air ducts with no impact on the aesthetics of the building environment. Also, the installation process requires very little or no intrusion into the areas of the facility used by the public or building occupants, so iDuct deployments have virtually no impact on building access, workflow or delivery of services.

With its open distributed network architecture, scalability and shared costs, ExteNet's outdoor and indoor distributed networks offer wireless coverage to multiple wireless service providers. This provides the flexibility to meet future wireless growth and technology needs.

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