Announcement of Complementary LIEKKI(TM) Service Offerings

Lohja, Finland, September 17, 2007 - LIEKKI Corporation, a leading supplier of highly doped fibers and optical engine modules for fiber laser and amplifier applications, today announced its broad range of complementary LIEKKI(TM) services

In addition to its industry leading high power fibers, optical engines and design software, LIEKKI is offering a broad range of complementary services to accelerate your product developments.

LIEKKI(TM) design services
To start with LIEKKI offers design assistance through its design software, LIEKKI(TM) Application Designer (LAD) and its experts. A free 28 days evaluation license for its design software is available for download on, but for those that are time or resource constrained LIEKKI offers its design skills as a service.

LIEKKI(TM) coiling services
Large mode area fibers need to be coiled in order to optimize beam quality. LIEKKI has gained many years experience in coiling and is now offering its expertise with its LIEKKI(TM) coiling service. LIEKKI(TM) fibers can be formed into a coil of various bend diameters, depending on the fiber core and cladding. The finished coil is potted in a compound for added protection and heat dissipation.

LIEKKI(TM) cleaving and splicing services
LIEKKI(TM) active and passive fibers are designed to facilitate efficient splicing with industry standard fusion splicers. If the tools or skills for cleaving and splicing are not available, LIEKKI features state-of-the-art cleaving and splicing technology and the in-house expertise to offer these services. LIEKKI also offers a specially coated splice (pump dump splice), which removes residual pump power from double clad fibers.

LIEKKI(TM) end caps
End caps manufactured with LIEKKI(TM) passive fibers are used for expanding the output signal beam. The end caps are manufactured with LIEKKI(TM) passive fibers with 125, 250 or 400 micron claddings. LIEKKI(TM) end caps are embedded within a polished Angle Physical Contact (APC) connector. It is recommended that all residual pump power to be stripped out of the fiber before the end cap.

About LIEKKI Corporation
LIEKKI Corporation designs, manufactures and markets specialty optical fibers and fiber subassemblies (optical engine modules) for fiber amplifiers and lasers using its unique and proprietary Direct Nanoparticle Deposition (DND) technology. LIEKKI also provides design software for fiber lasers and amplifiers, LIEKKI(TM) Application Designer. The DND technology enables LIEKKI to produce state-of-the-art, highly doped fibers that minimize required fiber length, have large core-to-clad ratios, and exhibit low photodarkening, flat refractive index profile, high efficiency and reduced nonlinear effects. LIEKKI(TM) products are used in applications such as high power fiber lasers for industrial manufacturing, military and aerospace, medical applications, telecom amplifiers and ASE light sources.

Direct Nanoparticle Deposition (DND) is a new, innovative nanoparticle process invented, developed and commercialized by LIEKKI Corporation, for a wide range of industrial applications. LIEKKI has licensed DND to industrial customers for non-optical applications and will continue to do so.

LIEKKI Corporation is headquartered in Lohja, Finland. LIEKKI(TM) products are available globally through Thorlabs ( and the LIEKKI direct sales team serves Americas, Europe and Asia. LIEKKI(TM) products are also distributed and supported by the sales representatives FT Okura (Japan), IKG Corporation (Japan), OptoCom Equitech (M) Sdn Bhd (Southeast Asia), Apollo Electronics Co. Ltd. (China) and Connet Fiber Optics Company Ltd. (China). For further information, please visit

For more information, please contact:
Mr. William Willson, Vice President Sales and Marketing, tel. +1 301 706 0315, email, or
Ms. Sabine Doms, Manager Marketing and PR, tel. +358 50 912 6955,

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