Analog Technologies Inc.: Unveiling the Best New Releases of High Quality Analog and Digital Modules

Analog Technologies Inc. strives to produce highest quality of analog and digital electronic products for almost all levels of professional needs. It has a strong RD team of well experienced professionals under the leadership of Dr. Gang Liu who is a graduate of Wayne State University of Michigan. This team has patented more than twelve products in the advanced analog technology fields which include variant products in the following categories:

1.LED related products

2.Laser drivers and controllers

3.TEC drivers and controllers

4.Thermistors and thermistor assemblies

5.SMT resistor, capacitor and inductor kits

Dr. Gang Liu stated that "The team has been supported with thorough training sessions and so the members are ready to work on the special requests. This increases customer's belief and satisfaction towards the company."

The company has been founded in the year 1997, with a team of well experienced RD and production professionals who were producing best quality of analog and digital electronic systems, sub-systems as well as hardware modules. As soon as the company was launched, it started focusing upon different kinds of products such as TEC controllers (Thermo Electric Cooler controllers), TECs (Thermo-Electric Coolers), laser drivers, SMT (SMD) resistor kits, SMT (SMD) inductor kits, SMT (SMD) capacitor kits, high precision and high stability thermistors, LED lights, LED drivers, customized heat sinks and many more, and served the customers with their best quality products. Since 17 years, Analog Technologies Inc. have hoarded over 3,000 customers worldwide that includes organizations and companies such as ADI (Analog Devices), US Air Force, US Army, NASA, Maxim, HP, Intel, TI (Texas Instruments), National Semiconductor, Black Decker, Linear Tech, MIT, HP, etc.

The ATI team works with the commitment that any of the ATI products or the part numbers will never be outdated or expired. They also guarantee for 100% money back policy as well as 30 day return policy if customer is not satisfied with the product. Additionally they also provide one-year warranty by excluding the damaged products. According to Dr. Gang Liu and many of the senior managers of the company, the ATI's strength relies in having a happy and capable team which constantly apply their efforts in improving the current technologies and creating the new ones.

Analog Technologies Inc. work hard and apply their best possible efforts in order to design and make standard off-the-shelf products to satisfy general requirements of customers as well as clients. Along with that they design some of the customized products to meet special requirements of customers as well as clients. Thus, the strong professional team of ATI gives their best in satisfying customer's needs and provides high quality best analog and digital products.

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