Anacon Solid State Relay Now Features "Cool One" Heat Sink

Anacon's APC7120 has been a solid contributor to the wide variety of application specific solid state relay products offered by Anacon Power Controls. Utilizing the Anacon designed "Cool One" 45MM DIN Mount heat sink, with a 40A rated output @40C ambient controlling line voltages up to 660Vac. Application focus for the APC 7120 is generally resistive loads and applications primarily found in Extruders, Blown Film, Die Pre-Heaters, Duct Heaters, Drying  Systems Anti-Misting Systems. $45.00 at 100 pc level. 

Higher current ratings available in the same package. APC7130 is a full 50A unit for those application needing 50A ratings.  Both devices can be supplied with either 3-32Vdc or 90-280Vac control if required.

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