Anéolia/Abiss Partners with Exiges Instrument Systems, LLC

Exiges Instrument Systems, LLC. has been chosen as the authorized distributor, trainer and service facility for Anéolia Abiss brand leak and gas measurement instruments for the US, Canada, and Mexico. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best instruments, tooling, and service to meet their application needs. From bulk food to small food packaging with minimal headspace, cosmetic or pharmaceutical packaging, ready to eat meals, designer fresh meal plans, or even vacuum pack frozen fish and canned foods; we have the high accuracy and resolution instruments to fit your needs. Exiges is committed to providing our clients with excellent customer service, support, and maintenance.

While many instruments can tell you that your packaging leaks; our instruments can tell you how much and the aggregate size of the leak. This data can be communicated directly to your quality management software or ERP system to achieve complete statistical process control you’re your package integrity. Accepted by some of the world’s largest food manufacturers and packagers, the Exos (manual needle instrument) and the Oxylos (fully automated instrument) can provide 6 tests in a single cycle/sample. Configured appropriately, these instruments can measure O2, CO2, leak, creep (A/B), and burst. Complete with data recording, graphing, and export capability; the Oxylos fully automated instrument can also be configured to synchronize with your conveyor system.

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