American Fibertek Displays Innovative Transmission Solutions at ISC West 2007

Las Vegas, NV (March 28, 2007) - American Fibertek, Inc. (AFI), the security industry's leading independent supplier of fiber optic transmission systems for security applications, is demonstrating its innovative network transmission system called V'nes (Video Network Enterprise Solution) here at ISC West. V'nes is the first and only integrated and standardized network transmission solution with an "open path" to truly integrate IP and analog systems operation. To support the V'nes initiative, AFI also announced the formation of several new alliances aimed at further developing new and unique network transmission solutions. AFI is also reaffirming its leadership role in point-to-point fiber solutions with the introduction of several new fiber products to its established product line.

"The migration to a IP platform for integrated video, voice and data is moving at a rapid pace as more security professionals realize the infinite system configuration possibilities networked platforms promise to deliver," said Jack Fernandes, President and CEO of AFI. "V'nes provides a comprehensive transmission solution that integrates technologies previously relegated to parallel industries such as IT. It's a network transmission solution ideal for professional security applications that require dedicated network infrastructure."

"American Fibertek will also continue to develop and expand our core point-to-point fiber optics products while we actively pursue innovative ways to enhance transmission technologies," continued Mr. Fernandes. "We are actively aligning our sales channel to provide the best go to market strategy that continues to support our longstanding sales partners and introduces a new and exciting sales strategy that supports the V'nes solution."

In support of its new direction and steadfast commitment to legacy systems and existing customers, American Fibertek is introducing the following at ISC West 2007:

V'nes Video Network Enterprise Solution is the security industry's first and only true network solution designed for dedicated security applications. V'nes delivers extensive networking features and functionality with an open path allowing integration of IP products from other manufacturers (servers, video devices, access control, software) and with any combination of V'nes components, including:

o Commander Series Switchers

o Scout Series Environmental Monitoring Systems

o Maxi-View Series Video Streamers

o Pilot Series Management Software Systems

o MC Series Media Converters

o Director Series Servers and Network Attached Storage (NAS)

To support continued development and evolution of V'nes, AFI also announced strategic alliances with AIC, AVE, Axis, Panasonic, Sony and Xtore

New point-to-point fiber product introductions include:

81/82 Series 8 and 16 Channel Contact Closure Systems do not require any soldering and are available in singlemode and multimode configurations.

916 Series Single Fiber Bi-directional Receivers with 10-bit digital video and up the coax control for Panasonic, Pelco and Vicon devices, module or rack mount.

919 Series Single Fiber Bi-directional Transceivers with 10-bit digital video and two channels of bi-directional multi-protocol data plus two channels of bi-directional audio or contact closure; available in module or rack mount configurations.

941 (4 channel) and 981 (8 channel) Series Single Fiber Receivers with Sensornet Control for use with American Dynamic devices. Feature 10-bit digital video, single mode or multimode operation, module or rack mount configurations.

946 (4 channel) and 986 (8 channel) Series Single Fiber Bi-directional Receivers with multi-protocol data and contact closure, 10-bit digital video, single mode or multimode operation, module or rack mount configurations.

91600 Series Fiber Multi-Channel System provides 16 channel input and output of 10 bit digitized video over one multimode fiber at a very low installed cost. Offers transparent operation with any manufacturers' cameras and monitors and does not require any field adjustments at installation or thereafter. The units also feature diagnostic indicators to provide instant visual status indication.

94887SL Series Multi-Channel Transceivers feature 48 channels and transmit 10-bit digitized video with bi-directional Ethernet, multi-protocol data and bi-directional audio over a single mode optical fiber. The series offers transparent operation with any manufacturer's cameras and monitors and does not require any field adjustments.

All of the aforementioned fiber optic transmission products are also compatible with AFI's Afinety remote monitoring system; a firmware-driven monitoring module, allowing security professionals to access the status of any of AFI's digital fiber optical transceivers and the accompanying connected cameras, using a standard web browser.

For more information call 877-234-7200, e-mail, or visit

About American Fibertek, Inc.

American Fibertek, Inc. is a leading supplier of innovative fiber optic and IP communication transmission solutions for video, voice and data applications. With two decades of experience in signal transmission, American Fibertek, Inc. has a renowned history of innovation in fiber optic and now IP devices for advanced video surveillance systems. Included in this is the continued development of advanced systems like Afinety and Scout that monitor installation performance and guarantee network continued operation.

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