Amcor to Showcase Cutting-Edge Plastics Packaging Solutions at PLMA's Private Label Show in Chicago

MANCHESTER, Mich., November 10, 2016 - Amcor Rigid Plastics, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of rigid plastic packaging for the food, beverage, wine and spirits, personal care, home care, and healthcare industries, will highlight its industry-leading rigid plastics packaging capabilities at the 2016 Private Label trade show (Booth #F4903), sponsored by the Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA), Nov. 13-15 at the Rosemont Convention Center in Chicago.

Amcor will unveil a new product launch and spotlight innovative plastic packaging solutions that deliver functionality, premium quality, lightweight, and a unique approach to sustainability and recyclability.

“Amcor continues to play a leading role in the development of private label products for the food and beverage industry by delivering innovative and unique package designs to help retailers build brand equity and expand market share,” said Frank Lin, Director of Marketing and Strategic Business Development for Amcor Rigid Plastics’ Beverage Unit. “Rather than offering ‘me-too’ products, retailers are refining their strategies with packaging playing a central role.”

Amcor will showcase its new collection of crystal clear polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles for dairy, aseptic, and high-pressure processed liquid beverages. These sleek, eye-catching containers are easy to handle and meet the needs of on-the-go consumers. The PET beverage collection is available in round, hourglass, and square shapes and comes in four sizes (12oz, 16oz, 32oz, and 64oz).

The new dairy bottle portfolio delivers high performance and is designed to maximize process efficiencies while applying industry-leading technologies including the Bericap Aseptic finish. Superior sealing is achieved due to the tight tolerance of the finish, product spoilage is virtually eliminated, and secondary packaging and distribution costs are reduced. For brand owners and co-packers, Amcor’s superior vacuum absorbing technology provides bottle stability even during challenging altitudes and temperatures encountered during transportation and distribution.

Another significant milestone featured at the PLMA show is Amcor’s unique 24oz hot-fill PET jar with a metal lug closure – a first for the food packaging industry. The breakthrough APEXTM patented technology is now available in additional sizes with a 63mm or 82mm finish. Targeted for food applications such as pasta sauce, salsa, applesauce, and preserves, this innovative package meets the needs of retailers, brand owners, and consumers alike.

At the PLMA show, Amcor will also highlight key developments including the 1L Slender (Skyfall) container, a new PET packaging option which affords opportunities for differentiation and innovation in the spirits market. Similarly, Amcor will offer a glimpse at early models of its new HDPE deodorant stick product for the home and personal care market.

Complementing Amcor’s custom solutions is high-quality stock packaging that meets important product demands including reduced cost, compressed time-to-market, and engineering validation packages. The company offers a large selection of stock products in a range of materials suitable for different filling temperatures and conditions. At the booth, Amcor will feature its broad offering of stock containers for beverages, condiments, sauces, and other products.

“By partnering with leading packaging manufacturers like Amcor, store retailers are reaping the benefits of quality, innovation, and optimized packaging that will strengthen their brand, create customer loyalty, and boost sales,” said Lin.

Store brand owners and co-packers are increasingly partnering with packaging specialists like Amcor early in the product development cycle. As a best-in-class packaging manufacturer, Amcor provides strong design and engineering capabilities, market insight, sustainability advice, and quick conceptualization development. The company explores various options to achieve a custom design while also delivering production efficiencies and cost savings. For example, modular molds offer endless possibilities in customization while providing significant cost savings over traditional tooling.

About Bericap

Bericap is a global manufacturer of plastic closures for beverage, food, and non-food markets with 23 factories in 20 countries across the world. The company has on-going projects in several countries in Asia and the Middle East and a network of licensees and partners to supply similar products made according to the same quality and service standards to its global customers. Bericap North America, Inc. operates as a joint venture between Amcor Limited and Bericap GmbH und Co. KG.

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About Amcor

Amcor Limited (ASX: AMC; is a global leader in responsible packaging solutions, focusing on a broad range of flexible and rigid plastic packaging that enhances the products consumers use in everyday life, with 95 percent of its sales into the food, beverage, healthcare and tobacco industries. The company employs more than 31,000 people worldwide,operating in 40-plus countries and across more than 190 sites.

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