Amca Updates Air-control-devices Rating Publication 511

Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA) International Inc. announces the release of AMCA Publication 511-21 (Rev. 12-22), Certified Ratings Program Product Rating Manual for Air Control Devices.

Superseding AMCA Publication 511-21, AMCA Publication 511-21 (Rev. 12-22) outlines technical procedures and the proper presentation of data for the certification of air-control devices through the AMCA Certified Ratings Program (CRP). It is to be used in conjunction with AMCA Publication 11-22, Certified Ratings Program Operating Manual.

Used in general ventilation and air-conditioning systems, air-control devices include louvers, dampers, gravity ventilators, round spiral duct, and transverse duct connections. The focus of the 2022 release was the addition of air-leakage-rating requirements (Section 26, new) and air-performance-rating requirements (Section 15) for “linkage-connected economizer dampers,” previously known as “economizer dampers.”

AMCA Publication 511-21 (Rev. 12-22) includes:

  •  Updated definitions of “economizer dampers” and “air economizers.”
  • The addition of figures for the three general types of linkage-connected economizer dampers (Annex B, new).
  • The addition of a table of all of the symbols used in the publication (Section 4.2).
  • The addition to most louver sections language clarifying if testing with a drain pan was required.
  • For volume-control dampers, the allowance of extrapolation of air-leakage rating outside the tested height (extrapolation beyond the tested width still is prohibited) (Section

The AMCA Publication 511 Committee believes the 2022 revisions enhance the clarity, conformity, and completeness of the publication and impact the industry in a positive manner.

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