AMC shipped their 1 Millionth Servo Drive

ADVANCED Motion Controls (AMC) is pleased to announce a significant milestone in the company's history. On Wednesday, November 23rd, the 1,000,000th servo drive rolled off our production line. This is a major accomplishment considering the company was a two-person start-up 17½ years ago. To celebrate this achievement, the employees of the company built special commemorative units for the actual customer (a manufacturer of high-speed, precision wire bonding machines for integrated circuit manufacturing) and the original founders, Sandor Barta and Daniel Schoenewald.

Servo drives from AMC can be found in numerous global industrial and commercial applications: medical diagnostic imaging and radiological treatment systems; semiconductor wafer transfer mechanisms, wafer polishing, dicing and IC packaging machinery; computer controlled multi-axis robots; animatronic and cinematic camera motion; traction, steering, braking and throttle controls for AGV's and other electric vehicles; luggage scanning and bio-hazard homeland security monitoring systems; machine tools and automated assembly methods as well as many other machines requiring precision control of torque, velocity and position of parts and processes. AMC controls over 1.5 million motors when considering many of the units have multi-axis capability on a single PCB.

AMC has established itself as one of the fastest growing independent drive companies in the world. 70% of AMC's products are customer specified to reduce cost and optimize performance. Extensive expertise in motion control with total commitment to OEMs formed AMC's foundation that fueled this rapid growth to all customers. Delivering the first 1 million servos in this short time span sets apart AMC's capabilities.

The reliability of AMC products has established the company as a high quality and reputable provider of motion control solutions. With the many standards and quick-turn customs capabilities, AMC gets customers moving - fast! If you have a motion control application, or just want to see AMC capabilities for yourself, you are invited to visit our website and view our video tour For more information contact Karl Meier, Marketing Manager, at (805) 389-1935.

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