Alpha Networks Launches Digital Multimedia Products Based on the Smart TV Application at the 2011 International CES

HSINCHU, Taiwan, -- Alpha Networks, Inc. (TAIEX: 3380), a global leader in the networking and multimedia DMS industry, is showcasing a series of Smart TV, application based, peripheral products at the 2011 International CES, the world's largest consumer technology tradeshow. These products aim to create a multimedia application platform, which combines home entertainment, home communications, home monitoring and home storage to allow families to experience a whole new generation of technology.

Home Entertainment:

Alpha Networks is ready to provide the most updated technology of Home Entertainment to the world, which is going to make life at home easier and smarter!

A. Over-The-Top, HD STB?Alpha Networks, a pioneer in this technology, launches the first non-X86 platform Over-The-Top, HD STB which supports a Web browser, exclusively designed for TV and Adobe FLASH 10.1 plug-in technology. This technology combines TV functionality with an Internet search engine combined with the hottest cloud computing services like YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, Google Weather and many more on-line media services, to fulfill home user's high expectation of Home Multimedia products.

B. 3D Remote Controller: 3D interaction with the Internet is one of the main focus points of the Multimedia Research and Development team in Alpha Networks. In the new generation Human-System Interfaces, Alpha Networks will launch the 3D Remote Controller. By adjusting the angle and position of the remote controller, corresponding operations can be easily performed which revolutionizes operation between users and multimedia products, giving a whole new operation and experience to users.

C. Wi-Fi Direct & Over-The-Top, STB: Combining the latest Wi-Fi Direct wireless communication technology, users can project photos and videos from their mobile device directly onto the big screen of the TV, saving the efforts of using a Home Router, allowing users to easily share wonderful and diverse digital content with family and friends.

D. On-Line viewing and file sharing: Alpha Networks will also bring out and demonstrate the new operation of Multimedia video communication at the 2011 CES. By using cloud service, users can log into their own account and upload and download media files, and also manage the Over-The-Top STB in a home scenario. Users can even combine the Over-The-Top STB with a USB webcam to monitor content from the remote site.

Home Communication

To go with the high-quality home video system, Alpha Networks introduces several family communication products. These products provide unrestricted access to the Internet and high-speed transmission standard, so that uploading and downloading multimedia files can be finished in a short time.

A. USB 3.0 Home Storage Router: Alpha Networks showcases an application that combines the USB3.0 Home Storage Router with external storage equipment in the CES. The transfer speed of the new generation USB3.0 is 10 times faster than USB2.0, showing its capability of fast streaming high-definition video and audio to the HD Over-The-Top STB.

B. 500 Mbps Power Line Communications (PLC): It solves the problem of network signal instability so that transferring large video files will not be interrupted any more. Its high transfer speed the need for high-definition multimedia transmission.

C. 3G Femtocell : Since smart mobile devices are selling well in the world, 3G Femtocell solves the problem of limited signal coverage and capacity indoors. Alpha Networks showcases its strong software and hardware development capabilities by demonstrating the high performance and best cost-captivities 3G Femtocell.

D. 3G Personal Mobile Router: Being light and portable, this router allows users to access network data, view multimedia, and shop or chat online wherever they are. This is showcased using multiple user connections simultaneously.

Home Monitoring

LinknLook cloud monitoring services: Alpha Networks launches LinknLook cloud services and combines it with a home monitoring system. Users can do online monitoring using PCs, laptops, iPhones, iPads, Andriod Phones, and more. Monitored content can even be saved to a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device. By using the Over-The-Top, HD STB, the contents can be transmitted directly to a television for viewing. The functions of Live Monitoring and Motion Detection allows users to watch movies while simultaneously checking if there are visitors at the door or monitoring kids in another room. In addition, the iWatchCAM, developed by Alpha, is already available in Apple's App Store for users to download.

Home Storage

Alpha Networks' Home Storage products passed the most advanced NAS certification provided by the DLNA 1.5 Server (DMS) and Microsoft Windows 7. Through the integration of set-top boxes and web surveillance cameras, network storage servers goes beyond the role of simple data NAS and transforms it into a more diverse and flexible Home Media Storage Center.

"Alpha Networks has been cultivating, for years, in the development of digital home products. It provides hardware and software customization services to large international industry partners and wins a lot of accolade from them. Alpha Networks will follow the trend of the digital home market and continue to develop in the direction of providing solutions to all aspects and integration services. By combining cloud services and multimedia applications, Alpha Networks will create a diverse and convenient digital home environment for consumers," said Harrison Chang, President of Alpha Networks.

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