Alpha Aromatics Announces Skin Safe Odor Neutralizers

Powerfully Effective 4-O-Dor™ and Z-Rx™ Series Eliminate Wide Variety of Malodors

Pittsburgh, PA – Alpha Aromatics, the Pittsburgh based market leaders in fragrance creation and production for every type of fragrance application, announce the addition of two Skin Safe odor neutralizers.  The company has a long-standing reputation for creating skin safe, organic and natural ingredients to be used in products ranging from perfumes, cosmetics and body sprays to organic and hair care products.

The addition of 4-O-Dor™ and Z-Rx™ strengthens the company’s ability to offer the widest array of odor neutralizing solutions for virtually any application. The Z-Rx™ series is available in two formulation types and both products are derived from natural ingredients.

Included in the series are the following:

• Z-Rx-N™Â Â  for topical use in natural deodorants; sticks, sprays and roll on’s as well as body sprays and natural cleansers and shampoos.

• Z-Rx-PC20 Water soluble formula. 

4-O-Dor™ is a multi-purpose cationic product that has been specifically designed to eliminate a wide range of odors while providing a number of performance benefits to household and personal care formulations such as odor neutralization, coupling preservatives and bactericidal qualities.  4-O-Dor™ is also a proven “skin safe” odor reduction ingredient and is derived from natural ingredients.

4-Odor™ is water soluble and can be used in underarm deodorants, shampoos, shoe sprays and personal cleaners, as well as:

• Eliminates a wide variety of malodors.

• Conditions and softens hair.

• Offer a broad pH tolerance (pH 3-11).

• Economical in use; only 1%-2% use level in most formulations.

“We create and offer innovative ingredients and solutions that work for every application from soaps, lotions, skin and hair care products. It is imperative we offer products that are  “skin safe, “ said Alpha Aromatics President, Arnold Zlotnik.

Alpha Aromatics supports its customers by offering a combination of product formulation, innovative technologies, cutting edge fragrances and in house graphic art and marketing departments to assist in filling and custom packaging recommendations; ultimately resulting in an enhanced product launch and creating customer loyalty and increased sales.


Alpha Aromatics is a leading creator and provider of custom aromas for fragranced products. Alpha Aromatics fragrances are an essential ingredient in many fine perfumes and well-known consumer product brands including fine fragrances, cosmetics, beauty care, personal wash and other away-from-home products such as fabric care, home care and air care.  To find out more, visit us at

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