All American Hose Adds Davis-Standard Super Blue®

(Pawcatuck, Conn.) - All-American Hose has added a 3 1/2-inch (90mm) Super Blue® extruder with DS-eTPC to support the company's growing polymer hose business. This extruder will be used in the production of lightweight, flexible hose used in agricultural irrigation and water delivery systems. All-American is a leading supplier of both rubber and polyurethane hose products, manufacturing over 6 million feet of hose per year. This is the company's sixth Davis-Standard extruder.

"We've been a Davis-Standard customer since 1982, purchasing extruders for both rubber and polyurethane materials," said Rocco Mook, Manufacturing Engineer for All-American. "Their equipment has performed well and proven to be solid and reliable. The availability of parts and service is also outstanding."

Davis-Standard's Super Blue extruder has been an excellent performer with a fast delivery. In-stock machines can be shipped within as little as two weeks. Advantages include a double reduction helical gearbox, high capacity thrust bearings, cast iron feed section, four-zone bi-metallic barrel assembly, integrated control cabinet, and digital speed and ammeters. The DS-eTPC control system offers coordinated drive control to a one-line drive for the same price as other discrete controls. It is available with recipe capabilities to capture, view, and store process variables such as temperature profiles and process conditions. Temperature zones and drives can be custom named for a user-friendly interface.

"We appreciate the versatility of the new extruder and control system. Davis-Standard's extruders have been essential in helping us produce a quality product," said Mook. "Quality of construction and consistency translates into durability and reliability, which are essential for our products because they are used in critical environments."

In addition to hose used for water delivery applications, All-American is a major manufacturer of lay-flat hose for fire trucks and the military. Hoses are manufactured in sizes ranging from 1 to 8 inches (25 to 200mm) using a variety of jackets and liners. Types of hoses manufactured include attack hose, soft suction hose, hi-rise hose, compressed air foam system hose, forestry hose, potable water hose, UL/ULC listed hose and FM approved hose.

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Luann Kupka

Marketing & Sales Administration Manager

Extrusion Systems


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