Alarm Lock's Trilogy DL3200 (T3) Keyless Access Lock Continues to Appeal to Leading Businesses Worldwide

Alarm Lock Systems, Inc., a well-established leader in security and locking technologies is continuing to push its T3 high capacity audit trail lock. This enhanced version of the original DL3200 grants access for up to 2000 users. Whether you are a manager, supervisor, or basic user, our DL3200 (T3) can accommodate each user with 3 to 6 digit codes for added security. Program each user according to professional rank with DL3200's multi-level security on the keypad or with a PC and/or data-transfer module.

Easily programmable, Alarm Lock's DL3200 (T3) provides 40,000 event audit trail logs that are date and time stamped when a user accesses the digital lock to gain entry into another part of the building. Simply create audit trail reports using your PC or our hand-held wireless printer, which plugs into serial ports on the front side of your DL3200. 150 scheduled lock/unlock events help you create parameters when employees and/or contractors access your facilities. Should you wish to allow anyone to enter your building or gain access to private areas, you can simply set DL3200's quick passage mode.

Each DL3200 (T3) is weatherproof from -31¢ªF to +151¢ªF (-35¢ª to 66¢ªC) for all consumers who might want to use this keypad for outdoor applications. DL3200 is 5AA battery operated and will typically run 80,000 cycles. For more information on DL3200 or other Alarm Lock products, please ask your local rep, distributor or call 1-800-ALA-LOCK, you can also visit our website at

About Alarm Lock Systems
For more than three decades Alarm Lock Systems, Inc. has built a strong reputation as a respected leader in the design and manufacture of electronic and mechanical access and egress control products. Our wide range of electronic access locks has pushed all the right security buttons for security directors, business owners, and facility managers, who know that Alarm Lock's keyless access dependably promises time-automated security and a wealth of management information. Meanwhile, Alarm Lock's door alarms and panic exit hardware devices remain a security industry staple. Alarm Lock Systems, Inc., is a Napco Security Group Company publicly traded on NASDAQ: NSSC.

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