AIS's Industrial HMI Touch Panels Comply with CE and FCC Standards and Regulatory for Industrial Control and Process Automation Applications

AIS’s Industrial IoT Panel PCs Comply with CISPR 22 EN 55022 and CISPR 24 EN 55024 for EMC Test Standards and CE and FCC Part 15 B and CISPR 22 Class A Certification

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA – American Industrial Systems, Inc. (AIS) an innovator, designer and manufacturer of Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs), HMI Touch Panels, Industrial Touch Screens, Displays, Operator Interface Terminals (OITs), Box PCs, Industrial PCs, and Thin Clients, announces their most advanced family of HMI touch panels and Industrial Panel PCs, which are comprised of the Premium, Standard and Compact HMI family, meet key standards and regulations internationally for electrical equipment and operation.

Designed for complex industrial control, monitoring and automation processes with screen sizes ranging from 7 to 21”, the family of intelligent of touch panel PCs and industrial touchscreens from AIS now comply with CE and FCC standards and regulatory standards for Electromagnetic Protection in Industrial Control and Process Automation. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is an area of electrical engineering concerned with the unintentional generation, propagation and reception of electromagnetic energy which may cause unwanted effects such as electromagnetic interference (EMI) or even physical damage to operational equipment such as electronics or HMIs. The goal of EMC is the correct operation of different equipment in a common electromagnetic environment.

AIS’s Premium, Standard and Compact HMI Touch Panels Series Meet Compliance with EN 55022 and CISPR 22 Class A Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Standards Test Standards

Several organizations, both national and international, work to promote international co-operation on standardization and harmonization, including publishing various EMC standards. AIS test and certify their Premium, Standard, Compact Plus, and Compact Touch Panel PCs for these key standards and certifications to ensure customers’ maximum performance, uptime, reliability and safe operation. AIS’s Smart HMIs meet EN 55022, which is a modified derivative of CISPR 22 and applies to, as the name implies, information technology equipment (ITE). EN 55024 is equivalent to CISPR 24 and applies to, as the name implies, information technology equipment (ITE). EN 55024 defines the immunity test requirements for information technology equipment in relation to continuous and transient conducted and radiated disturbances.  AIS Premium, Standard and Compact HMI Touch Panels specifically comply with:

  • IEC EN 61000-3-2: EMC - Part 3-2: Limits - Limits for harmonic current emissions (equipment input current ≤ 16 A per phase).

  • IEC EN 61000-3-3: EMC - Part 3-3: Limits - Limitation of voltage changes, voltage fluctuations and flicker in public low-voltage supply systems, for equipment with rated current ≤16 A per phase and not subject to conditional connection.

AIS’s Premium, Standard and Compact HMI Touch Panels Series Compliance with EN 55024 and CISPR 24 Class A Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Test Standards

The Smart family of HMI PC-based Touchscreens from AIS offer a range of solutions from simple machine control HMI applications with their Compact Series, to their Premium and Standard Series HMIs which feature modularity and expandability for SCADA, MES, M2M and Industrial IoT. Meeting these key standards and regulations demonstrates AIS’s commitment to their customers. AIS’s Premium, Standard and Compact open platform interfaces also meeting the following:

  • IEC EN 61000-4-2: EMC - Part 4-2: Testing and measurement techniques - Electrostatic discharge immunity test

  • IEC EN 61000-4-3: EMC - Part 4-3: Testing and measurement techniques - Radiated, radio-frequency, electromagnetic field immunity test

  • IEC EN 61000-4-4: EMC - Part 4-4: Testing and measurement techniques – Electrical fast transient/burst immunity test

  • IEC EN 61000-4-5: EMC - Part 4-5: Testing and measurement techniques - Surge immunity test

  • IEC EN 61000-4-6: EMC - Part 4-6: Testing and measurement techniques - Immunity to conducted disturbances, induced by radio-frequency fields

  • IEC EN 61000-4-8: EMC - Part 4-8: Testing and measurement techniques – Power frequency magnetic field immunity test

  • IEC EN 61000-4-11: EMC - Part 4-11: Testing and measurement techniques - Voltage dips, short interruptions and voltage variations immunity tests

AIS’s Premium, Standard and Compact HMI Touch Panels Series Achieved Compliance for CE and FCC Part 15 B and CISPR 22 Class A Certification

Certificate for Premium HMI Touch Panels:

  • CE: Certificate Number R15070103E

  • FCC PART 15 B and CISPR 22 Class A: Certificate Number R15070103F

Certificate for Standard HMI Touch Panels:

  • CE: Certificate Number R15070104E

  • FCC PART 15 B and CISPR 22 Class A: Certificate Number R15070104F

Certificate for Compact HMI Touch Panels:

  • CE: Certificate Number U15070601E

  • FCC PART 15 B and CISPR 22 Class A: Certificate Number U15070601E

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Headquartered in Irvine, California, USA, American Industrial Systems, Inc. (AIS) offers in-house electronic and mechanical design, software development, manufacturing, production and quality control services. Offering one of the widest ranges of industrial computing solutions, AIS open platform control and monitoring solutions are available in a multitude of configurations for industrial, building automation, food beverage, oil gas, military and marine applications. The company’s HMI solutions are key enabling technologies for the Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial Internet of Things, (IIoT), Machine-to-Machine Communications (M2M) and Industry 4.0 applications. AIS is fully committed to empowering, improving and delivering turnkey HMI, control, monitoring and display solutions for OEM, ODM and end-user customers. AIS is an ISO 9001:2008 certified supplier and manufacturer of rugged computers and displays, and received completion of the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) registration from the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC). For more information, visit:, email: or contact: 1-888-485-6688.

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