AirLoc Wedgmounts® with BiLoc® Pads Provide Leveling and Isolation for HORIBA

HORIBA Automotive Test Systems is a leading supplier in the field of engine, driveline, brake, wind tunnel and emissions test systems. When Horiba's customer (a major automotive manufacturer) needed 12 test stands for the purpose of testing a new hybrid electric motor, Chris Vogt, Engineering Manager at HORIBA in Troy, Michigan, turned to AirLoc to provide isolated leveling mounts. The AirLoc model 406-VRC / B1 Wedgmount was chosen because it provides precision leveling coupled with excellent isolation, employing the BiLoc B1 pad. The HORIBA test system is shown below with the AirLoc Wedgmounts in place.

Horiba's customer needed to adapt existing floor space to a testing environment without
having to upgrade the foundation for this high speed test stand. Horiba designed a
structural base incorporating the AirLoc Wedgmounts. This provided a twofold benefit for their customer. The test stand could utilize the existing concrete floor without special modifications such as an isolated foundation or precision floor flatness. Secondly, the AirLoc mounts with B1 pads provide excellent decoupling of the test stand vibration from the surrounding environment, isolating disturbing high frequencies.

AirLoc provides a complete line of leveling mounts with vibration isolation, and leveling pads, including Jacmounts®, Wedgmounts®, and accessories. Custom engineered
designs are also available, if needed.

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