AirLoc Washing Machine Isolation Pads Help Keep Condo Building Quiet!

Ken Webster of The Webster Group wanted to insure that the condos they built at
Centre Point of Summerfield Lands, British Columbia, would provide a quiet
environment for tenants. AirLoc washer pads were used under every washer/dryer unit
in the building, installed as shown below. Ken explained that "We decided to use yours
(AirLoc) over the competition because when we compared the two, yours seemed to
work better - specifically with regard to noise and vibration attenuation."

AirLoc washer pads are designed to provide a non-slip, vibration isolation mount used
directly under the foot of the washer. A recessed hole is provided to locate the leveling foot and rest on a cork/vinyl substrate which provides damping during washer operation, especially during high speed spin cycles. AirLoc washer pads are just one example of the extensive line of vinyl and elastomer pads which are available for isolation, damping, and leveling of reciprocating machines of all types.

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