AirLoc Low Stiffness Pads Help J.P.L. Compressor Service Quiet Rooftop Equipment!

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AirLoc low stiffness pads help J.P.L. Compressor Service quiet rooftop equipment!

J.P.L. Compressor service of Westminster, CA, with 17 years in business, sells, services, rebuilds/repairs, and installs industrial air compressor systems, including rooftop equipment. Joe Lester, J.P.L. installation technician, uses AirLoc low stiffness, 32 pad to insure that his equipment will not transmit noise into buildings, and attached structures.

Below is shown a recent installation of rooftop cooling fans with the AirLoc 32 pads cut to size and used to support the equipment and isolate the vibration/noise from the support structure. Joe reports that this installation was successful and plans to use AirLoc pads on future installations.

AirLoc 32 isolation pads are a special composite of vinyl and cork which is highly effective for vibration isolation and structureborne noise. AirLoc has a wide selection of elastomer and vinyl pads for all types of applications, from low frequency isolation to very stable, high load leveling requirements. AirLoc provides loading, natural frequency and damping data for all of their pad selections.

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