Air Cleaner Shown to Capture 100% of Ultrafine Particles Linked to Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

Those at greatest risk of cardiovascular disease include the elderly, the very young, persons suffering from any cardio-respiratory problems including high blood pressure, heart disease, vascular issues, & asthma.

Additional studies show that filtering air of 0.3 micron particles points strongly to improvements in cardiovascular and respiratory health by significant levels.

A team of scientists from Denmark & Sweden discovered that indoor air polluted with tiny particles can be breathed in and will get into the bloodstream, thereby affecting the performance of blood vessels, and potentially increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease. The results showed that filtered air significantly improved MVF (micro-vascular function) by 8.1% this is a significant finding. Reduction of ultra-fine particle exposure by filtration of re-circulated indoor air for only 48 hours improved MVF in healthy elderly citizens, suggesting that this may be a feasible way of reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

This study is published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.

Vinny Lobdell Executive Vice President at HealthWay states, "There are many air cleaning options to choose from but very few provide real protection, choose cautiously."

HealthWay's air cleaners have been independently tested & shown to capture 100% of all ultra-fine particles. Dr. Raymond Cipriano, Senior Scientist for Industry/University center for bio-surfaces tested & studied HealthWay's products by using a condensation nuclei counter, known to measure all airborne particles even the smallest viruses.

"Testing verified that the HealthWay Deluxe removed all virus-sized particles entering it. The smallest viruses (the Parvovirus) are about 20nm in diameter, or 0.02 microns. The results were astounding," stated Dr. Cipriano. Philips Corporation a leader in ultra fine particle instruments verifies that the HealthWay Deluxe captures 100% of ultra fine particles at .01 micron.

"Air cleaners are no longer solely used by the allergic or asthmatic, we all are threatened by the risk of dangerous indoor air," stated Vinny Lobdell. "We all need to take the proper precautions to create the healthiest indoor environment possible. HealthWay air cleaners are available in many different forms for residential, industrial and commercial air cleaning."

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