Aggressive Grinding Service, Inc. Adds New Machine Capacity

Latrobe, PA – Aggressive Grinding Service, Inc. continues to invest in the growth of the super hard materials industry, including advanced ceramics.  The company recently added new equipment to their existing capacity with the addition of four Kellenberger Kel-Vista OD/ID grinders and three new Super-Tec Centerless grinders to complement the four new Rollo-Matic np5 Shapesmart peel grinders that were delivered to Aggressive Grinding Service, Inc. in August.  This new equipment will add significant capacity and capability to support the existing customer base and enable new customers to receive the same 3-5 day delivery service that AGS provides to current customers.

The four new and six existing Rollo-Matics already in service are devoted to rotary tool production in the grinding of carbide and solid ceramic blanks for end mills, drills and taps. These modern CNC machines combine roughing and finishing operations in one pass and can hold tolerances of ±0.0001" on diameters as large as 0.787" over a length of 12". The new Kel-Vista OD/ID machines are multi-spindle CNC grinders that can grind shapes, forms and external threads and can hold a tolerance of ±0.0001" on diameters over 1". 

The company is an industry leader in precision tungsten carbide grinding and advanced ceramic finishing.  The wide range of products finished by AGS are used in industrial wear, electronic, flow control, metal forming and metal cutting applications.  Operations performed include:

• Surface grinding

• OD grinding

• ID grinding

• Wire EDM

• Honing

AGS provides rapid delivery on small volume and high volume production lots using the latest technology to support the company’s production and quality control systems.  Aggressive Grinding is headquartered in Latrobe, PA, near Pittsburgh, and was founded by Lester Sutton in 1988.

For more information, contact Tom Shearer at 724-537-7722, e-mail or visit

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