AFT Fasteners Adds KIPP Handles and Knobs to Its Product Line

Arlington, TX – AFT Fasteners, a national distributor of fastener and industrial products, recently expanded the offerings on their e-commerce website,, to include the full line of KIPP International products. KIPP is the world leader in the production of precision machining components including handles, knobs, spring plungers, hand wheels and more.

"KIPP is well known for the adjustable handles that they introduced decades ago. They make a top-quality product line that we are proud to offer our customers," said Johnny Rose, President, AFT Industries.

KIPP boasts a long history of excellence in product manufacturing and design.

• KIPP introduced their signature clamping lever over 60 years ago and remain the premier supplier of industrial handles and knobs.

• Recently expanded their catalog with more than 1,000 new components.

• Committed to the highest standards and performs stringent in-house testing to ensure maximum performance.

"Adding the KIPP catalog to our e-commerce platform brings AFT that much closer to our goal of offering an incredibly diverse product selection at low prices so that purchasers don’t have to waste time negotiating," said Mr. Rose. "With our website and top-notch customer service, we hope to revolutionize how industrial supplies are purchased."

About AFT Fasteners

AFT Fasteners is an international fastener and industrial supply distributor, providing cost-effective solutions to OEM and MRO customers. AFT carries over 200,000 parts and provides a wide range of value-added services that include metal fabrication, custom plating coating, mill shipments, inventory management (VMI),  kitting capabilities and custom fasteners . They provide sales and distribution throughout the United States, giving AFT the ability to expedite domestic sourcing. Visit AFT Fasteners at to learn more or watch their corporate video.

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