Aerospace Reliability by Using Hydracon Subsea Solenoid Valves

ANAHEIM, CA USA - Aerospace technologies are utilized in Hydracon solenoid valves. Deepwater and aerospace experiences are combined to provide high reliability products for deepwater and downhole applications.

Hydracon solenoid valves incorporate features justified by countless savings in maintenance and downtime costs. State-of-the-art MIL Spec requirements for aerospace valves are proven highly reliable for use in remote and deepwater applications. Hydracon's solenoid valves are highly resistant to shock and vibration, resulting in long service life. The miniaturized solenoid valves are lightweight and space efficient, ideal for remote deepwater applications.

Hydracon Subsea is a leading and innovative manufacturer of subsea products for over 25 years. The products are used in the Deepwater Offshore Oil and Naval Defense markets where high reliability of remote systems outweighs the costs of failures. The company's products represent the latest subsea technological advances resulting in high performance and reliability.

For more information on submersible solenoid valves, solenoid actuators, pressure switches, proximity switches, and other subsea products, contact Alex Pullos at Hydracon Co, Inc, P. O. Box 27584, Anaheim, CA 92808. Telephone 714-281-2460, Fax 714-281-1199, Email:


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