Aero Tec Laboratories Appointed the Official Safety Fuel Bladder of JetPack Aviation

Aero Tec Laboratories (ATL) of Ramsey, NJ, the longtime innovators in crashworthy, flexible composite fuel bladder systems, is very pleased to announce that they have been chosen as the official fuel bladder supplier to JetPack Aviation. JetPack’s latest wearable flying device, the “JB-9”, is small enough to fit in the backseat of a car, yet powerful enough to take a pilot thousands of feet in the air.

The art of flight demands precision and feather-light components; qualities that make ATL the perfect choice for crucial projects such as a jetpack. JetPack Aviation’s Chief Design Engineer, Stefano Paris, stated, “Since 2007 we have been developing and flight testing our JetPacks with highly customized, MIL-SPEC, and very lightweight ATL fuel tank bladders.” He added, “ATL’s engineering expertise, high quality construction, and rapid turnaround has continued to inspire confidence in fuel bladder solutions that maximize our flight time and provide the safe foundation for feeding our jet engines throughout all our JetPack prototypes. ATL is one of our top suppliers, and their bladder solutions are a primary enabling technology to finally realize the century old dream of a compact, portable, and true JetPack vehicle.”

ATL is honored to be a key component in JetPack Aviation’s passionate pursuit to revolutionize personal air transportation and make every child’s fantasy of flight a reality. Late last year, the ATL bladder equipped JetPack JB-9 made history, marking the first time an aviator flew by jetpack in a controlled and sustained flight around the Statue of Liberty. Aero Tec Laboratories is excited to continue serving as an integral component to all future flights!

For additional information please contact:

David Dack

VP of Sales

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