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Aegis Software Improves EE Technologies' Production Efficiency and Quality

Horsham, PA - EE Technologies, Inc, an ISO/TS 16949:2009 certified Contract Manufacturing partner recently completed a full implementation of Aegis' Manufacturing Operations Software (MOS). This was effective in fulfilling their strategy to improve efficiencies and quality by streamlining and controlling process planning and launch, process tracking and control, and quality and test management. "Speed, control and visibility are core to competitiveness. We utilize technology to connect data to all of our factory processes for our customers' benefit", commented Sonny Newman, President of EE Technologies.

Aegis MOS provides the tools needed by production staff to translate engineering designs into manufacturing documentation. Aegis provides support for virtually every CAD type and simplifies programming of the machines that use the CAD data. It allows EET to automate their revision control processes; it also automates the distribution of information to operator workstations in sufficient detail for quality product building. All of this is achieved with a system which, being paperless, achieves an EET environmental corporate objective.

During manufacturing, materials are related to individual machines and stations at the point-of-use and are electronically validated against job parameters. As units travel through each station, their correct, validated material setup is guaranteed, and each unit then automatically inherits the currently loaded material set. This ensures that the right product is at the right station at the right time for the right job, and provides EET's customers with total traceability.

Users can now determine where any work order is located throughout the factory in real-time. Customer service often depends on delivering the information they need when they need it. Aegis allows EET to track WIP status and provide predictive job completion times. This is important to EET's customers.

Quality has to be built into any manufacturing process. The Aegis software collects data in real time, providing EET with the information necessary to build the product correctly, verify its quality during production and facilitate corrective actions. This data is also available for reports, visualizations, and real-time dashboards that can be configured and used by EET to constantly improve quality and efficiency. Traceability of every product is also achieved; this allows failures and rejections to be tracked down and eliminated before they become an issue for the customer.
EET's Director of Operations, Clay McElhany, summarizes Aegis MOS's benefits: "Investing in technology is just one of the ways we provide world class service to our customers. With Aegis, we have instant visibility of the process and product. We continually improve our processes to be more efficient and provide our customers with the best quality, delivery, and costs."

About EE Technologies
Headquartered in Reno, Nevada, we are an Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider focused on delivering complete engineering and manufacturing services to automotive, gaming, consumer, medical, and science education OEMs. We develop, manufacture, and ship electronics products for our customers through facilities in Nevada and Mexico. By combining development and engineering solutions with core electronics manufacturing services, we optimize our customers' operations and lower their cost with domestic manufacturing and manufacturing in Mexico. For more information please see

About Aegis

Aegis systems provide hi-tech manufacturers improved speed, control, and visibility of all aspects of factory operations so they can do more with less. Today, manufacturers must maintain fewer assets, but achieve more utilization. They require less cost, but faster product launches and reporting, as well as less overhead, but total traceability. The Aegis Manufacturing Operations System (MOS) supports these goals, and delivers them in a way that defines and contains the investment required to complete the full system deployment.

The Aegis system speeds process planning and launch, controls shop floor materials, delivers all documentation paperlessly, tracks and controls the process, manages test and quality, and makes everything traceable and visible through built-in reporting, analytics and real-time dashboards. Aegis provides one system on one database-created, deployed, and supported by one vendor. The company improves manufacturing operations in more than 1,000 installed sites worldwide, and is the preferred software partner to more than 34 of the leading manufacturing equipment suppliers. Aegis solutions offer unique benefits to manufacturers in electronics assembly, medical equipment/device, defense/aerospace, and automotive markets. A Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Aegis consistently leads in customer satisfaction and value by providing deployment, integration, and support of its systems entirely through direct worldwide offices and staff - a claim validated by ten consecutive years of customer satisfaction awards. For more information about Aegis, please visit

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