Adjustable Tilt Pedestal for Mounting VESA Computers and Displays

VarTech's adjustable tilt pedestal, fabricated from 304 stainless steel (optional 316), is an ideal solution for mounting any VarTech VESA mount fully-enclosed touch screen PC or LCD monitor.

Available Features:

- Tilts from 0° to 28°

- Fully-Sealed Connection Management Ports within Pedestal base integrated with IP68 Connectors

- 304 Stainless Steel Construction (optional 316)

- Grained finish

- Hollow center for wiring

- Compatible with VarTech VESA mount fully-enclosed touch screen PCs and/or LCD monitors

- VarTech pedestals post mount to your plant floor to ensure sturdiness and stability.

Available with these VESA Mount NEMA 4X Computers:

- VTPC104VS (10.4" integrated LCD)

- VTPC104VSHB (10.4" integrated sunlight readbale LCD)

- VTPC150VS (15.0" integrated LCD)

- VTPC150VSHB (15.0" integrated sunlight readable LCD)

- VTPC170VS (17.0" integrated LCD)

- VTPC190VS (19.0" integrated LCD)

For a price quote or for more information, please speak to a representative by completing the contact form at or call 1-800-223-8050 (USA / Canada) or 001 225 298 0300 (International).

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