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ADI American Distributors, Inc. - Randolph, NJ

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ADI's 30th Anniversary

Press release date: Jun 10, 2013

It was 1983 and Ronald W. Reagan was President of the United States. The second space shuttle, Challenger, made its successful maiden voyage, and tennis star, Bjorn Borg, retired from tennis after winning five consecutive Wimbledon championships. It was also the beginning of ADI American Distributors Inc., the New Jersey manufacturer and distributor of high-technology systems and components now celebrating its 30th anniversary.

ADI was founded by David Beck in 1983 as a value-added distributor of electronic and electro-mechanical components and assemblies. He developed ADI based upon four important principles: 1) Focus upon quality; 2) Remain dedicated to customer service; 3) Develop innovative solutions; 4) Bring value to customers. With an extensive network of world-wide suppliers, "We believe that innovation in product design and manufacturing has been a key ingredient in improving our overall capability and capacity," announced Beck. ADI's dedicated and experienced staff together with its 15 million components in stock, has earned it certified preferred supplier status among many of the top OEMs in aerospace and high reliability markets.

"Our company continues to grow, develop, and evolve as a manufacturer and distributor," explained Beck. "When we first began our business, offering OEMs a consistent supply of quality components was of paramount importance. Now we also focus upon protecting customers from threats and risks of non- standard or counterfeit materials, systems, and components. We have to safeguard the integrity of the whole supply chain," he added.

The company now has three manufacturing facilities, two in the United States, including Okemah, Oklahoma and its Randolph, NJ headquarters, and one in Bengaluru, India.

ADI's commitment extends beyond a regulatory and compliance focus because it is customer service and safety driven. ADI has zero tolerance for products that do not meet our strict standards and testing procedures. It can quickly identify the subtle changes that can either strengthen a product's performance, or place it at risk. ADI is fully compliant with the latest Anti-Counterfeit government procedures AS5553 AS6081.

ADI American Distributors Inc,is an ISO 9001:2008 single-source provider of AS9100:2009 Rev C manufacturing services for the high-technology electronics industry, and an AS9120:2009 Rev A distributor of electronic and electromechanical components and assemblies. In 2005 ADI became the first US electronic component distributor to receive dual AS9100 and 9120 certifications.
ADI's global network of suppliers and military-approved assembly facility (bonded warehouse- CAGE code OBR80) have earned it "preferred supplier" status among leading OEMs in the aerospace sector.