AddisonMcKee's 'Eagle' Muffler Assembly Solution Gets 'A' Rating for Chrysler's 'C' Platform Vehicle

Global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of the world's finest tube bending and end forming technologies, AddisonMckee of Lebanon, Ohio, Brantford, Ontario and Bamber Bridge, UK, has been commissioned, under its renowned 'Eagle' brand name, to manufacture entirely new and rebuilt equipment on behalf of one of the world's largest exhaust manufacturers to produce the muffler assembly for Chrysler's high-profile new 'C' platform vehicle in the United States.

The order is merely the latest evidence of the benefits AddisonMckee continues to enjoy through the 2009 incorporation of the Eagle team into its business with its unrivalled knowledge and expertise in the field of innovative muffler assembly design.

The AddisonMckee solution features a lockseamer with a sheet de-stacker system and tool changer interfaced to a shell flanger and muffler internal baffle stuffer. AddisonMckee also broke new ground in the process by interfacing the front end muffler module to a robot and press that removed a shell from the transfer system and loaded and unloaded an AM-supplied 50 T press to produce the side entry hole and extrusion, then return it to the transfer system for stuffing. Finally, the company is currently completing the total rebuild of a horizontal spinner transfer, with all equipment scheduled to be delivered to Michigan to commence production in late Autumn this year.


In well over a quarter of a century in business, AddisonMckee has established itself as global market leader in tube manipulation technologies, predominantly for the global automotive industry, experience which has readily translated to muffler assembly with a range of supremely cost-effective work cell and individual product solutions designed to achieve the very highest standards in muffler manufacture.

While the company's landmark 2009 merger with Eagle Precision Technologies brought together the two largest global names in tube manipulation products and services to form a complete global solutions provider offering the absolute best in technical solutions from two highly innovative industry leaders.

Harnessing innovative technologies, including advanced weld-free production, AddisonMckee can automate entire motorcycle, car and truck muffler manufacturing processes, delivering precise acoustics and outstanding system integrity. And, with machine capabilities for muffler shells of up to 600mm. in diameter, AddisonMckee can deliver on any shape or size of muffler requirement. The company's state-of-the-art manufacturing centres can devise innovative solutions to enhance production capabilities, maximize efficiency and deliver absolute precision.

AddisonMckee also offers high quality tooling solutions to ensure that its muffler assembly machinery continues to perform just as effectively as the day it was first commissioned. There's a comprehensive range of high quality replacement tooling solutions including mandrels, flanger tools, stuffer and ram tooling, spinner assembly tooling, ridge lock and perforation tools. A wide range of tooling permutations is available to create the precise shell shapes and internal configurations required with bespoke tooling available to suit any requirement.

For frequently used items, 'just in time' delivery protocols can be established to
significantly reduce reliance on on-site stockholdings.

While, to ensure maximum operator efficiency, AddisonMckee provides rigorous and
highly effective training programmes for all of its production disciplines.


AddisonMckee is acknowledged world leader in the manufacture of tube end forming and
cutting machinery for a wide variety of applications. From simple expansion and reduction process tube end forming machine models to tube sizing equipment, blade parting machines and highly versatile multi-hit ram formers, all machines are robust and easy to operate, with reliability rigorously tried and tested over many years in some of the most demanding production environments on the planet.


The fortunes of AddisonMckee have certainly taken a turn for the better in recent months as the market climbs out of recession and the company's launch of exciting and innovative new technologies along with its landmark presence at Fabtech are certain to provide further evidence of its increasing strength and confidence.

New ownership has galvanized the company by introducing a number of measures to
ensure a smoother ride for all its customers, in, amongst others, the automotive, aviation, truck and shipbuilding industries.

And, significantly, while the company remains a truly global concern with its major facilities in Lebanon, Ohio in the US and Brantford, Ontario in Canada, and partners all over the world, in response to overwhelming demand from its European customers AddisonMckee has restored the manufacturing facility at its UK HQ at Bamber Bridge, Lancashire, a move which underscores the company's commitment to its European partners not least by significantly reducing costs.

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