Aculight to Introduce Expanded Laser Product Portfolio at Photonics West 2007

Bothell, Wash., January 19, 2007 - Aculight Corporation, a leading developer of innovative laser technologies, will introduce its expanded laser-based product portfolio at the Biomedical Optics Exhibition (BiOS) and Photonics West 2007 in San Jose, California, January 20th through the 25th. Aculight will showcase both new and upgraded laser products for applications ranging from medical research and spectroscopy to LADAR and sensing.

"2007 promises to be an exciting year for Aculight," said Dr. Andrew Brown, Aculight's director of business development. "We recently moved to a new, larger manufacturing facility, and we're showing an enhanced range of our laser products at Photonics West and BiOS. We continue to develop state-of-the-art systems based on fiber and other laser technologies that offer our customers significant performance advantages. Aculight also manufactures systems and components specifically for customer-driven applications."

At Photonics West booth 2019 Aculight will feature:

The Perseus(tm) family of pulsed fiber lasers. Perseus lasers offer high-peak-power, eye-safe output from a compact, rugged package. They're ideal for applications such as laser radar, surveying and surveillance.

The Argos(tm) continuous wave (CW) optical parametric oscillator (OPO). Argos is a revolutionary system for spectroscopy and sensing applications. It generates multi-watt, CW, continuously tunable mid-IR output in the 2.3 to 4.4 micron wavelength region. No other system on the market matches the output power and broad tuning range of the Argos.

Aculight will also show at Photonics West booth 2019 and BiOS booth 8336:

The Capella(tm) infrared nerve stimulator. Capella is intended for use in medical and scientific research. It enables a new level of precision and control in nerve stimulation applications. Capella is Aculight's debut product for the medical research market, emerging from the company's enhanced medical manufacturing capabilities.

Other opportunities to learn about Aculight and its technologies include (all sessions are at Photonics West unless noted):

10:40 am, Session 2. "High-peak-power and high-energy fiber amplifiers" (Invited Paper), J. Minelly, Aculight Corp.

5:00 pm, Session 4. "Watt level high-repetition-rate, mid-infrared pulses generated by wavelength conversion of an eye-safe fiber source", F. Di Teodoro, S. Desmoulins, Aculight Corp.

1:20 pm, BiOS Session 7. "Laser stimulation of auditory neurons at high repetition rate", A.D. Izzo, P. Littlefield, J.T. Walsh, J. Webb, H.A. Ralph, E.D. Jansen, C. Richter

2:30 pm, Session 7. "522-W spectrally beam combined fiber laser with near-diffraction limited-beam quality", T.H. Loftus, P.R. Hoffman, A.M. Thomas, M.A. Norsen, R.
Royse, E. Honea, Aculight Corp.

2:45 pm, Session 3. "8.6-watt single-frequency CW OPO", A.J. Henderson, R. Stafford, Aculight Corp.

4:30 pm, Session 8. "Multichannel all-fiber laser system for LADAR applications", M.P. Savage-Leuchs, E.C. Eisenberg, J. Henrie, M.S. Bowers, Aculight Corp.

5:30 pm, Session 12. "Multi-MW peak power, single transverse mode operation of a 100 micron core diameter Yb-doped photonic crystal rod amplifier", F. Di Teodoro, C. Brooks, Aculight Corp.

About Aculight
Founded in 1993, Aculight is focused on being the leader in providing quality, innovative and cost-effective laser system solutions for our customers' needs in national defense, aerospace and medical applications. For more information about Aculight, please contact Dr. Andrew Brown, director of business development, at (425) 482-1100 or visit

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