Action Prototype Introduces Green Manufacturing for Better Services

Action Prototype and Urethane Casting, LLC offers green manufacturing processes that can help reduce any risks of damage to the environment. It is one of the efforts of the company to reduce the consumption of energy and fossil fuel.

As one of the leading providers of rapid prototyping, injection molding and urethane casting, Action Prototype is now using Green Manufacturing to help reduce the consumption of fossil fuel and energy and also reduce the possible risks of damage to the environment. Even they are using 50 to 80 percent less energy in running their machines and 80 percent less hydraulic fluid; they can still match the quality and speed in manufacturing. They have a new EC20 with a robotic part picker as well as optical inspection equipment that will allow the company to be more efficient and provide the highest quality products and services.

The company is aware about the current standing of the economy. Since the industry is still recovering from the past loss and crisis that they encountered, the need for lower priced services became very important. Client often consider companies that can provide the best value for their time and money and also a company that can help reduce the time to market. Action Prototype said that searching for different sources for product development may eat a lot of time and it can also be frustrating. This is the reason why they are proud in their services that can help streamline the prototype production efforts, help generate the fastest turnaround times and also control the cost of the business.

Action Prototype and Urethane Casting has been on the industry for almost 20 years. They have been doing molding ultra high performance resins and building precision tooling. They have the knowledge and experience to move a specific project from concept to production. The company can help assist companies for plastic part design, development, rapid prototyping and production process.

The Green Manufacturing process introduced by the company is not only intended to help reduce manufacturing cost for various industries. It is also one way of promoting a healthy environment. According to reports, most of the pollution sent to the air is caused by the manufacturing industry. It has increased concerns with regard to public safety so the company decided to look for ways to reduce risks of damaging the environment and still maintain the quality and speed that they currently have.

The company is providing products and services in various industries. They offer their products and services to the defense industry, automotive, architectural industry, entertainment, aerospace, medical devices, consumer electronics and educational products.

About the Company:

Action Prototype and Urethane Casting, LLC is one of the leading providers of comprehensive rapid prototyping and manufacturing services that are specifically designed to get the products of their clients to the market as fast and as efficient as possible. With over 20 years of experience, the company can provide the highest quality products and services that can help produce large amount of products without sacrificing the quality.

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