Acrison Model 403B(D) Series Batch/Dump Weighing Systems Specifically Designed for Highly Reliable and Accurate Batch-weighing Applications

Acrison, Inc., an innovative global leader in dry solids metering and handling technologies for over 50 years, offers their Model 403B(D) for both dry solids (hopper) and liquid (tank) batch weighing requirements.

Specifically designed for batch weighing on a Gain-in-Weight basis, the Model 403B(D) Series uses an “Overhead” type weighing system that utilizes technologically advanced lever mechanisms (scales) equipped with Acrison designed and manufactured stainless steel flexures for all pivotal connections. Frictionless in operation, these field-proven weighing systems are extremely stable, rugged, and counterbalanced so only the weight of the material in the weigh hopper or tank is weighed.

Typically, a dry solid product is fed into the scale-mounted hopper by an Acrison Volumetric Feeder or Feeders. When batch weighing more than one material in a single hopper, each material is individually (sequentially) batched, since only one ingredient can be weighed at a time. The Model 403B(D)’s state-of-the-art control system encompasses the latest technologies and algorithms to ensure optimum levels of performance.

Regardless of the physical handling characteristics of the dry solid ingredient, Acrison’s wealth of experience in this very specialized area can provide a truly viable solution for any batch weighing requirements.

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Terry Shaw
Acrison, Inc.

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