Acoustical Solutions Now Offers a Full Line of Firestopping Products to Defend Against Sound and Smoke

Firestop materials serve two primary purposes - they reduce sound transmission between rooms, and they block the spread of flame and smoke through the small spaces in a building. These products are appropriate for use in residential, commercial and industrial settings.

In terms of sound reduction, firestop materials work well to seal off the tiny spaces in walls, floors and ceilings through which sound travels. A 1% opening in a wall will reduce the effectiveness of that wall's soundproofing by 50%. With so many multi-unit residential and commercial structures being built, it is increasingly important to account for sound transmission between rooms.

They also prevent the spread of smoke and flames from room to room through the same small openings that allow sound to pass. They are designed to contain fire and smoke to a minimal amount of space without the use of active fire protection systems like smoke detectors and sprinkler systems. While firestopping products are certainly no replacement for traditional fire protection methods, they do add another layer of defense against the spread of flames and gases.

Firestop materials are suitable for use in metallic conduits, cable penetrations, common construction joint applications and head-of-wall applications. Products such as Firestop Putty Pads work well to protect switch and outlet boxes from high temperatures and flames. Firestop Putty is a soft, pliable material that does not require the use of tools for installation. Aside from square putty pads, Firestop Putty is available in tubes that allow for simple installation through pulling a piece off of the tube and packing the material into an opening. This installation method is especially useful when attempting to add firestopping to data and communication cable penetrations. Firestopping products are available in other forms including sprays and block-like pillows. All firestop materials are suitable for use in new construction as well as retrofit applications.

Acoustical Solutions is proud to offer the largest line of firestopping products available from a soundproofing and acoustics company. In addition to Firestop Putty, we now carry Firestop Pillows, Electrical Box Inserts and Elastomeric Sealant. For more information on using these products in your structure, please call us at 800-782-5742.


David Ingersoll

Title: Sales Manager


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