Acoustical Solutions, Inc. is Now Offering ClearSonic Drum Shields and Vocal Booths

ClearSonic is the world leader in drum shield technology and offers the most durable products on the market. You can choose from our line of Isolation Packages consisting of a complete drum shield enclosure with a roof or you can make your own drum shield package by using an assortment of ClearSonic panels and Sorber Panels. Also there is a full line of vocal booths and accessories. All of the ClearSonic drum shield products are American made with the highest quality ¼" thick clear acrylic plastic that is 99% transparent.

Acoustical Solutions offers a total of five Isolation Packages (IsoPacs) offered with your choice of light grey and dark grey sorber panels baffles to control the reflected sound. The IsoPacs are portable and easy to get in and out of. The ClearSonic Panels wrap around the front of the booth, while the SORBER panels wrap around the rear. Also there are two more economical models for applications where the lid (roof) is not necessary. Applications for the Clearsonic Drum Shield include recording studios, homes, schools, churches, theaters, nightclubs, concert stages, rehearsal rooms and more.

ClearSonic Panels (CSP) provides acoustic separation between instruments on stage or in the studio. This helps reduce drum bleed into vocal or instrument microphones and lowers stage volume so that everyone can hear himself or herself better!

Our durable, full-length transparent hinge allows our systems to fold "accordion style" for easy transport and storage. No gaps between panels for sound to escape! Made from a high quality, 1/4-inch thick clear acrylic with cable cutouts between all panels is standard.

ClearSonic Sorber Panels are an easy and effective way to contain sound and control reflections. Sorber panels are manufactured out of rigid 1.5" thick compressed fiberglass (6# PCF Density) and encased in heavy-duty 'trunk cloth'.

Sorber Panels improve the performance of the ClearSonic Panels by soaking up reflected and direct sound. This stray sound, if not absorbed, could cause your drum kit to sound more "roomy" than desired. The use of both ClearSonic Panels and Sorber Panels provide a complete, portable, cost effective solution to excessive noise problems.

ClearSonic Sorber Panels are a great tool to have in the studio, on stage, or in rehearsal for fast and portable acoustic control and separation. Since the Sorber Panels have an NRC value of .90, they also make a great stand-alone acoustic absorption "gobo" for general stage and studio use.

Acoustical Solutions also offers three fully enclosed voice over booths that can also function as an instrument isolation booth. They are offered in a 4', 5' and 6' diameter size. These voice over and vocal booths are lightweight and portable.

For more information on any of these ClearSonic products, please visit or call 1-800-782-5742.

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