AccuWeb EVO 150 Aids Precise Registration on New High-Speed Digital Colordyne Press

New Colordyne digital press runs at record speed with highest resolution thanks to highly responsive and accurate web guiding.

Madison, Wis. — The new Colordyne Technologies' (CDT) 3600 Series digital color press is the fastest press of its kind with 1600 x 1375 resolution. At 225 fpm, precise web guiding is not only critical in maintaining perfect print registration on the CDT 3600 Laser Pro's 4-color process plus spot color runs, but also for spot-on registration of integrated laser die cutting. AccuWeb web guides positioned before the print engine and the laser die cutter provide consistent web travel for even the most complex tag or label runs. 

Controlling both web guides is the new EVO 150 controller from AccuWeb – introduced recently as the smallest and most powerful controller of its kind. The EVO 150 controller allows press operators to easily fine-tune web guide performance using a switch-pad or touch-screen interface. Its compact size allows for easy staging any press operators desire. EtherNet/IP communications provides convenient uploading and downloading of guide system settings and performance parameters.

According to Ron Brown, Technical Director at CDT, "The modular CDT 3600 press can be configured with multiple processes, many of which may require a web guide. The new EVO 150 web guide controller elegantly integrates a single user interface system capable of controlling multiple web guides with consistent accuracy and reliability."

The EVO 150 web guide controller combines 150 watts of power and 24 VDC with the ability to control brushed and brushless actuator motors. The CDT 3600 Series and its newest component, the EVO 150 web guide controller, both debuted at Labelexpo Americas 2014.  


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AccuWeb, Inc., headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, is a global leader in providing technically advanced web guide systems to customers worldwide. Founded in 1984, the company was acquired in 2012 by BST International, an international leader in web tension controls as well as web guide systems. The Accuweb brand remains as the technology flagship among all web guide companies and continues to perform all product development and manufacturing at the Madison facility.

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