Abrisa Technologies Custom Machines & Fabricates Thin & Ultra-Thin Glass

Abrisa Technologies carries a diverse inventory of thin and ultra-thin glass which can be CNC machined, fabricated, screen printed, strengthened and thin film coated. Stocked glass ranges in thicknesses from 1.1mm down to 0.1mm.  Thinner substrates with a thickness as low as 0.05mm are available for specialized application-specific requirements.

Our precision CNC cutting equipment in addition to fabricating simple rectangles and circles can also produce wafers, intricate shaped parts, slots, holes, curves and more.

The Abrisa Technologies highly trained staff are at the forefront of thin and ultra-thin glass cutting, utilizing the latest techniques and machine systems available to achieve clean cuts at standard tolerances of ±0.004”; and in some cases, ±0.002”. 

Thin and ultra-thin glass is stocked in a wide variety of borosilicates, alkali-free borosilicates, and aluminosilicates:

  • Corning® EAGLE XG® (0.5mm - 1.1mm from stock, 0.3mm on request), 0211, 1737, and 7059

  • SCHOTT D263® T eco (0.1mm - 1.1mm from stock)

  • Asahi Glass Company (AGC) -  EN-A1 (0.3mm - 0.7mm from stock, up to 26.3” x 21.6”)

  • Corning® Gorilla® Glass – Strengthened size up to 36” x 29” (0.55mm - 2mm from stock)

The company’s thin film coating capabilities complement the glass fabrication and include narrow and broadband transparent conductive (ITO and IMITO), anti-reflective (AR) coatings, and design-to-order custom coatings. Abrisa Technologies’ thin and ultra-thin glass is the ideal solution for applications requiring high chemical resistance, thermal shock resistance, or scratch resistance, excellent surface quality or specialized optical properties.

Typical Applications for Thin and Ultra-Thin Glass include:

  • Slim Curved Displays, Smart Surfaces & Touch Panels, LCD, LED & OLED

  • Electroluminescent Displays, Optical Windows, Filters, Sensor Technology

  • Slides, Wafers, MEMS, Circuit Substrates and Chip on Glass Applications

  • Spatial Light Modulators, Micro-Displays, and Optical Shutters

  • Strengthened Solutions for Scratch, Smudge, and Impact Resistant Cover Glass

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