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ABO Obtained Certificate API 609-0068 from American Petroleum Institute for Its Butterfly Valves

Press release date: Nov 05, 2012

Olomouc, Czech Republic - The American Petroleum Institute (API) has awarded the API Monogram License No. 609-0068 to the Czech Republic based industrial valve manufacturer - ABO valve company. This certificate has strengthened the company's position among main European valve manufacturers as currently, butterfly valves with API 609 Monogram can be offered - apart from ABO - just by 3 other Europe-based producers.

The certification process according to API norms is quite long and complicated. ABO has implemented a new integrated system of management which includes the requirements stated in European norm ISO 9001 as well as in standard ANSI/API Specification Q 1 - Specification for Quality Programs for the Petroleum, Petrochemical and Natural Gas Industry. ABO company obtained the certification on the basis of audit realized by the American Petroleum Institute which proved that the company meets the system requirements on quality as well as the requirements on the product (butterfly valves manufactured acc. to standard API 609).

Other certifications obtained during 2012 ABO company is continuously working on certification of its valves and during just this year ABO got 3 other important certificates apart from API 609-0068. DVGW certificate was issued to centric butterfly valves ABO Series 900 (DN 32 - DN 400, PN 10) designated for gas distribution systems mainly in Germany and other European countries. AD 2000 certificate verifies and recognizes ABO as manufacturer of butterfly valves according to the rules of AD 2000-Merkblatt HP0, AD2000-Merklblatt A4 and AD 2000-Merkblatt HP100R and it is especially applicable to German oil & gas industry. Earlier this year ABO obtained Lloyd's Register certificate for centric valves Series 900 and eccentric valves Series 2E-5.

About company ABO valve ABO valve, s.r.o. is the biggest producer of butterfly and check valves for industrial applications in the Czech Republic. The headquarters as well as the production facility is located in Olomouc, Czech Republic. Through a net of branches ABO exports its products to more than 50 countries all over the world. ABO offers a wide product range of butterfly valves for general and industrial applications including double and triple high performance valves, knife-gate valves, ball and safe valves for the most demanding applications. ABO production facilities have the certificate ISO 9001 and also different valves have been awarded European and international certificates such as TUV, GOSTR, Lloyd's Register or DVGW. The consolidated turnover of the company reached over 200 000 thousand CZK during year 2011. More information can be found on