Aardvark Polymers Announces New Roto Resins: FR Nylon - Aardalloy POM Alloys

Lambertville, N.J. Aardvark Polymers is pleased to announce several new additions to their growing line of Next Generation Roto Resins. The new offerings include a FR nylon with UL94-V0 ratings and the first commercial Aardalloy thermoplastic alloy products.

NEW Aarlon 4055FR- PA6/6 V0 Rated
Aarlon 4055FR is a premium flame retardant type 6/6 polyamide with a UL94-V0 rating for flammability. Aarlon 4055FR is formulated without heavy metals or red phosphorous and is halogen free. Aarlon 4055FR has a high deformation temperature and may be employed in applications up to 230C/446F.

Aarlon 4055FR is a nucleated, heat stabilized, semi-crystalline, type 6/6 nylon with a unique set of thermal and mechanical properties. Aarlon 4055FR is applicable in aggressive chemical and fuel environments at elevated temperatures. Aarlon 4055FR is available in natural and may be dry colored and printed to suit. Aarlon 4055FR is vibration, spin, and ultrasonic weldable.

Aarlon 4055FR is targeted for applications in aerospace, automotive, public transportation, electronics, fuel systems, and industrial markets.

Aardalloy Thermoplastic Alloys
Aardalloy thermoplastic alloys are generally designed and developed to meet the demands of a specific application. However, two recent development formulations offer such broad market appeal that they are being commercialized for the global markets.

New Aardalloy 3300 POM Alloy
Aardalloy 3300 is a medium viscosity, high heat, homopolymer acetal alloyed with elastomers and modifiers that significantly increase impact strength and elongation compared to unfilled acetals. Aardalloy 3300 maintains the high degree of chemical resistance and low fuel permeation ratios of unfilled acetals. Aardalloy 3300 offers exacting dimensional stability with deformation temperatures as high as 157C/315F.

New Aardalloy 3326 POM Alloy
Aardalloy 3326 is a high viscosity homopolymer acetal alloyed with greater levels of elastomers and modifiers that offer the maximum degree of impact strength and elongation of any acetal product. Aardalloy 3326 is a thoroughly toughened POM alloy with the same high degree of chemical resistance and low fuel permeability found in unfilled acetals. Aardalloy 3326 may be employed in applications requiring deformation temperatures up to 100C/212F.

Aardalloy 3300 and 3326 may be sterilized with steam and ETO and may undergo repeated autoclave cycles. Both formulations may be processed on conventional tooling and equipment and are weldable, bondable, and may be machined in conventional or CNC processes. Both materials are offered in natural white and black and may be printed and dry colored to suit.

Aardalloy 3300 and 3326 are targeted at applications in fuel systems, automotive, electronics, medical devices and equipment, construction, chemical containment, and industrial markets.

Aardvark products are available globally through a network of dedicated rotational molding distributors. Data sheets, product catalogs with processing guidelines, chemical resistance data, and distributor contacts are available on the website aardvarkpolymers.com. Technical inquiries may be directed to info@aardvarkpolymers.com.

Aardvark Polymers produces engineering and high performance polymers for rotational molding applications. Their offering includes multiple grades of homopolymer and copolymer acetals, type 6 and type 6/6 nylons, and custom formulated Aardalloy alloys. Aardvark products are available globally and are targeted at engineering applications in medical, electronics, automotive, aerospace, defense, construction, chemical containment, and antimicrobial markets.

Aardvark Polymers is the manufacturing, product, and process development business of Gehrig & Associates, a high performance polymer consultancy founded in 1983.

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