AAMA discusses ENERGY STAR® revisions with DoE.

Press Release Summary:

AAMA feedback on the proposed program revisions for fenestration products includes recommendations for 2-stage phase-in, with stage 1 in mid-2009 and stage 2 in 2014; and that U-factor and SHGC values be brought in line with goals predicted by industry experts as attainable within 6 or 7 yr. Also recommended were cost-benefit or payback analysis and closer alignment of the 5 ENERGY STAR zones with those in the IECC climate zone map, as well as redefinition of Northern Zone parameters.

Original Press Release:

AAMA Continues Discussions with DoE, Proposes Revisions to ENERGY STAR® Program Requirements

SCHAUMBURG, Ill. - Building upon recent meetings and correspondence with the Department of Energy (DoE), the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) provided further feedback on the proposed ENERGY STAR® Program revisions for fenestration products.

"Improving energy efficiency is a national priority. We applaud ENERGY STAR's success and the momentum it has gained in the marketplace. Consumers are beginning to demand higher-performance products and rely on ENERGY STAR as a means to identify such products. Manufacturers are motivated to upgrade their products to ensure they comply with the program. It is apparent from the passion that we've seen from our members just how seriously they view the proposed changes," says John Lewis, AAMA's technical director.

"It benefits us all to give careful consideration to any revision to the program," Lewis continues. "We encourage the DoE to implement ENERGY STAR program revisions that are consistent with achieving the goal of reducing energy consumption, while continuing to enhance market penetration. We are confident revisions can be made that preserve the DoE's goals, yet have minimal impact on the manufacturing base."

Toward this goal, AAMA recommendations include the following:
o A two-stage phase-in with Stage One implemented one year after the program parameters are finalized (mid-2009); and Stage Two implemented in 2014;
o U-factor and SHGC values be brought in line with aggressive goals as predicted by industry experts as attainable within six or seven years;
o Alternate compliance paths coupled with realistic program parameters that maintain a consistent and clear message to the consumer via the ENERGY STAR label;
o Careful cost-benefit or payback analysis that evaluates decreasing demand for more expensive products, while accounting for price elasticity;
o Closer alignment of the five ENERGY STAR zones with those provided in the IECC climate zone map, and redefinition of the Northern Zone parameters.

AAMA has submitted these recommendations and other comments for the DOE's review and will continue discussions as the Department plans to announce its ENERGY STAR Program targets for 2009, 2012 and 2015. To view the full letter, please visit aamanet.org/upload/ENERGY_STAR_letter_04-02-08.pdf

For more information on AAMA's leadership and activities, please visit www.aamanet.org or call 847-303-5664.

AAMA is the source of performance standards, product certification, and educational programs for the fenestration industrySM.


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