A Traffic Light at Your Feet

New "Light Line" pedestrian warning system utilizes LEDs from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors to increase safety when crossing the street

With the help of "Light Line", a warning light installed in the pavement, crossing the road becomes safer for pedestrians. Working in parallel to the switch function for the standard traffic light, "Light Line" uses a red or green signal to show when the street can be crossed safely and without danger. This new warning light was developed by DSTA, a Spanish company that designs and manufactures LED solutions for traffic lighting and transports. The various colors in the signal light are provided by light emitting diodes from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors.

Pedestrians often step onto a road crossing when the traffic light has already switched to red, particularly during less busy traffic periods. This does not always have a happy ending. To reduce the resulting number of accidents, DSTA, the Spanish producer of light systems, has developed a solution with "Light Line". In addition to the normal traffic light. the new "Light Line" signals to the pedestrian directly at his or her feet, , indicating when it is possible to cross the street without danger. The warning light is integrated into the pavement and functions on a synchronized basis with the traffic light switch system. If the traffic light switches to red, the "Light Line" also switches to red and warns the pedestrian not to cross. As soon as the traffic light is showing green again, the "Light Line" also turns green. This double light signal is intended to bring about a higher level of attentiveness among pedestrians, prompting them to not cross the road when the signal is red, even if no vehicles can be seen at that moment. To get a rapid and reliable light signal, DSTA opted for red and green Golden Dragon LEDs from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors. These LEDs provide operating times in the nanosecond range, so there are no delays in switching over which provides an increase in safety for pedestrians.

Greater safety at the path of protection

Golden Dragon LEDs from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors provide a number of advantages to the innovative "Light Line" solution: the LEDs are very robust, defying jolts and are not affected by wind and weather. Thanks to the small construction size of the modules, it is possible to have very flat designs for the luminaires, which also offers the opportunity of a problem-free retrofit installation. The decisive factor for DSTA was the low level of maintenance required by the LED. Depending on environmental conditions, Golden Dragon LEDs have an average operating lifetime of up to 100,000 hours. This keeps maintenance costs very low which means less disruption to traffic flow. Thanks to its low power requirement and high quality of light, the Golden Dragon LED is also a particularly efficient solution.

First test installations of the "Light Line" are in place in the Spanish cities of Burgos and Terrasa, with additional projects to be launched in the near future. "Cost efficiency is an important factor, which is why more and more municipalities are opting for this LED system when it comes to pedestrian safety," observes Ramón Fernández Morales, Business Development Manager at DSTA. "Golden Dragon LEDs are particularly economical and are the optimum solution for us, thanks to their energy efficiency and their low maintenance requirement."

The "Light Line" warning light, integrated into the pavement, gives a green or red light signal to pedestrians in addition to the normal traffic light, increasing awareness of whether it is possible to cross the road without danger. Photo: DSTA


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