A Silicon Valley Foam Cutting Services Company Is Offering Fabrication of Oversized Foam Letters

WeCutFoam, a Silicon Valley maker of custom signs, logo, letters, props and exhibits is now offering fabrication of giant oversized foam letters, as large as 10ft or more. Mostly produced from EPS foam, these large letters can be painted with any color and fabricated with any font, to offer a decorative solution to events, trade shows, photo shoots, retail stores opening and any occasion.

WeCutFoam, A Silicon Valley fabricator of custom foam products such as signs, dimensional letters, props and exhibits is announcing the addition of giant oversized foam letters to its product line. The large scale letters produced as big as 10ft tall, will serve broad spectrum of industries and companies, and will mainly be utilized for trade shows, stage displays, stores retail decoration, for photo shoot and for any special event. The huge letters can be either stand alone, or hung from a ceiling, they can be customized with any font and painted to any color. Until recently, the company mainly created up to 6ft tall letters and signs, however, due to large demand from its customers they have expanded their services and products to include these large scale oversize letters.

Majority amount of these large letters are produced from EPS (Expanded Polystyrene foam) since the material is easier to cut and carve and is the most cost effective solution. Since the blocks of EPS are typically 4ft, any custom letters larger than that is cut in sections, glued together, patched to eliminate the sim as much as possible, then sanded and painted. The end results are letters that make a strong impression as they stand out and convey a strong message.

Along with this added service of oversized letters cutting, the company also offers printing art and patterns design on adhesive vinyl papers using a wide format printer, then gluing the vinyl onto the letters or wrapping them. This machine enables printing of up to 80 inch wide and endless length. Those patterns are ones that are impossible to achieve by hand painting, with endless possibilities of complex designs and vivid colors.

Floor Manager, James Piazza says that large letters can wow and impress anyone. He continues to say “It was only a matter of time until we offered this service. We already have our own foam cutting machinery that we manufacture ourselves, combining it with our foam cutting expertise was only natural” Jim continue to say “We had many customers approaching us recently for these out of the box giant letters. It is a lot of work involved post-cutting, but at the same time it is super fun to make and see the end result when they are placed on a stage or at the entrance to a venue”. The added oversized letters product is aligned with the company’s mission to bring innovation combined with artistic solution to its customers.

This added product will mostly benefit branding companies looking to promote their brand name, companies looking to make a strong professional statement, organizations seeking to convey unique and different message for trade shows and conferences or any business that is looking to stand out in the crowd by having a focal point attractive work of art.

WeCutFoam, a subsidiary company of Foamlinx LLC, is a service company offering custom foam cutting, machining, prototyping and coating services. It specializes in fabrication of large-scale props, oversized letters, sculptures, dimensional signs, museum exhibits, prototypes and artwork, vinyl signs and logo. For more information contact the company toll-free at 866-664-9311 or email sales@wecutfoam.com

About the company:

WeCutFoam, established in Silicon Valley, Ca in 2001, specializes in custom cutting shapes out of almost any type of foam, wood, acrylics and plastics. The company creates props for movie sets and theaters, large dimensional signs, vinyl wrapped signs, stage letters, logo, architectural shapes, museum exhibits, trade shows displays, prototypes, and more. Projects created can be full scale 3D shapes like race cars, planes and props up to 20' long and more, providing coating and painting as well. 

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