A Natural Fit: Solar Installations and E-CURBS(TM)

Efficient, easy-to-install, economical and safe for the environment

Intersolar North America 2012; Moscone Center, San Francisco July 10-12

SCHOOLCRAFT, Mich. - See why E-CURB SYSTEM PENETRATION SEALS are being chosen by increasing numbers of roofing and solar contractors who recognize their advantages for secure rooftop solar installations. Visit CHEM LINKBooth # 9351, Moscone Center, San Francisco, for complete information. Also visit www.chemlink.com.

The E-CURBSYSTEM is comprised of precast, lightweight reinforced nylon forms to contain the 1-Part(TM) PourableSealer and the M-1® Structural Adhesive/Sealant used to seal the penetrations and bond the forms to the roof. No mechanical attachment is necessary. The E-CURB is a modification of the CHEMCURB(TM) Penetration Seal System, introduced in 1995 by CHEM LINK for commercial rooftop penetrations as a solution to the universal insufficiencies of pitch pans. Over a million are now in service throughout North America. Like the ChemCurbs, the E-Curb System was developed in response to requests from contractors in the field. The proliferation of solar panels has created a need for more efficient installation methods. The E-Curbs install in far less time than traditional pitch pans, and reduce labor significantly on all types of roofs. Up to a 20-year warranty is available.

E-Curb precast forms are provided in a variety of sizes and shapes to secure and seal solar supports. The 3", 4", 6" and 9" bisected circular "slip-fit" forms permit rapid assembly around penetrations. 8-inch Straights and Corners with a 2" radius permit larger oblong, rectangular or square seals. The forms are 2" high with a flanged base that allows for external flashing with the M-1 included with the Kits. They are impervious to ice, corrosion, UV light and ponding water.

M-1 and 1-Part are the heart of this system and provide excellent adhesion on most types of low slope roofs in damp, dry or cold climates. Both are polyether-based, moisture cure, 100% solids, contain no harmful solvents or toxic materials, and will never shrink or outgas. Moisture cure means that the higher the temperature and humidity, the faster the rate of cure.

For steep slope roofs where pourable sealer is contraindicated, DuraLink(TM) Super Adhesion Sealant is a gun grade polyether sealant that will provide the same secure seal. It also is 100% solids, solvent free, moisture cure and nonshrinking. It is extremely elastic and bonds effectively to many difficult surfaces including anodized metals and coatings such as Kynar 500® PVDF. M-1, 1-Part and DuraLink meet or exceed all regulatory compliance requirements and are LEED, CARB and OTC eligible.

CHEM LINK, based in southwest Michigan, is the largest dedicated manufacturer of polyether-based adhesives and sealants for the commercial construction market in North America. Polyether-based chemistry means that they consistently deliver high performance--and also means they will never pose any harm to humans or the atmosphere, because they contain no solvents or toxic substances.

CHEM LINK also supplies solar mount accessories for shingle and low slope roofs.



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