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In our environment of job shop it is imperative to be able to increase throughput through lean manufacturing. Our sustainability is deep rooted in our intrinsic trait of being nimble enough to meet our ever-changing customer needs. Efficiency, planning and scheduling with less work in process is core of our strength. Any bottleneck or additional setup during tooling process of press brakes, turret punch presses can disrupt part flow, prolong lead times and even reduce quality. Therefore, we strive to ensure we live by the mantra of lean manufacturing by practicing and utilizing latest technologies. It could be either in CAM software or off line bending software for press brakes. Also press brakes have improved in technologies with on line programming and maintaining tool library which we have set ourselves to acquire in the near future.

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Small manufacturing business in any economy in particular for North America is the back-bone of industry and employment. Not only that but small businesses are heavily biased towards entrepreneurial activity conducted by private owners which in turn drives creativity and 'can do' spirit. After all in this economy with material and financial constraints it is the entrepreneurial spirit which invents new and better ideas. Hopefully SRED program is one which is towards encouraging businesses to innovate and once again bring back core manufacturing to North America. Automation and upgrading of existing equipment is one key element which can lead to improvement but with a plan and set goals.

Established in 1975, as a precision sheet metal facility, Weldflow has become a world leader in the field of contract manufacturing. Its facility has been modernized and management expanded to accommodate the ongoing changes experienced within our industry. With over 35 years of world wide experience in areas of lean manufacturing and supply chain management, the company is committed to continuous improvement.

Expertise of the company lies in its innovation in sheet metal industry by creating new ideas and design in various shapes and forms. Our services other than fabrication, include complete engineering services to carry out product development and prototyping according to our customer`s requirement. Weldflow provides complete services starting from design & drawing (CAD/CAM,) shearing to CNC sheet metal operation to forming, tube bending, hardware insertion, spot welding, welding and final finishing such as chrome plating, powder coating, anodizing or wet paint by our approved vendors as per customer specifications.

This enables us to provide cost effective and efficient production capabilities for any volume or size of production runs. By the same token we ensure delivery of customized product as per client specification. We have built a solid reputation with our clients over the years.

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