US Based Cable Assembly Manufacturer Utilizes Vertical Integration and Lean Manufacturing

Looking back at the U.S's manufacturing history we have seen many ways that entrepreneurs have developed an economic or competitive advantage over their competition. These include vertical and horizontal integration which were popularized by Carnegie and Rockefeller as well as mass production which was developed by Ford. Over the years these practices were used and over time new advantages were developed such as lean manufacturing by Toyota.

In a rapidly changing world it's essential to utilize these economic advantages in order to stay competitive. Within the cable assembly business we see a prime example of a company that has utilized vertical integration and lean manufacturing, this company is ISC Engineering.

ISC Engineering is a contract manufacturer of custom cable assemblies with a diverse customer base ranging from aerospace to medical. ISC is a job shop that stays competitive through an in house tooling department, assembly and injection molding line that is fully capable of building assemblies 100% in house. ISC is also implementing lean practices such as Kaizen, Six Sigma and Kanban. These economic advantages as well as ISC's know how allows the company to be flexible and quick to adapt.

In today's world most people think of China, India and other low labor cost countries as the leaders in manufacturing. The fact of the matter is these countries are not the ones leading the world with innovative and high value products, the US is. The US continues to stay at the forefront of manufacturing high value goods. Companies like ISC work hard to keep manufacturing strong within the US and strive to find ways to bring the best cables to their customers.

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