EMSEAL's WFR2 Expansion Joints Certified for Expanded Fire-Rated and Sound Suppressing Wall Applications

EMSHIELD WFR2, the 2-hour fire-rated vertical wall expansion joint from EMSEAL Joint Systems Ltd., has just been tested and certified in two areas which greatly expands its use and applications.

Gypsum Wall Certification to UL 2079

Having recently passed the 2-hour fire-rating rigors of UL 2079 certification for concrete walls, EMSHIELD WFR2 has now passed testing and been certified for the UL 2-hour fire rating in gypsum wall assemblies. The result is UL and ULC certification for WFR2 in U300 and U400 fire-rated gypsum wall construction. This type of wall construction is common in interior walls that demand a fire-rated certification.

Sound Barrier: STC 56+ for WFR2

EMSEAL has recently subjected its wall expansion joint sealant products to independent Sound Transmission Class (STC) testing by a major independent testing lab. The results are impressive. To the surprise of the lab engineers, the sound transmission class rating for WFR2 exceeded that of the STC 56 wall in which it was tested. And that's installed on just one side of the wall. This means that the rating for WFR2 currently stands at STC 56+. (That same testing lab is now constructing a STC 80 wall to run another test later this year to measure the full capability of WFR2.)

Full Solution in a Single Package

EMSHIELD WFR2 is a fire-rated acoustical product which doubles as a thermal insulator while accommodating structural movement and providing watertightness. It is uniquely suited to earning LEED points by contributing to the indoor environmental quality of the facility. WFR2 serves multiple purposes for the price of one product. And to compliment design aesthetics, both sides are available in separate colors to coordinate with the adjoining wall colors.

The EMSHELD line of products are easily-installed vertical and horizontal expansion joints which are manufactured to handle structural movement. Their single-unit construction eliminates the need for multiple products to achieve effective sealing against water, fire, sound, wind, etc. when filling structural, partition and other joint openings.

EMSEAL operates out of two large factories - its recently relocated headquarters in Westborough, Mass. and its manufacturing plant in Toronto, Canada.

For more information about EMSEAL's EMSHIELD WFR2 SYSTEM or other products contact EMSEAL at techinfo@emseal.com or call 508-836-0280 / 800-526-8365 in North America, or visit the EMSEAL corporate website at www.emseal.com.

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