Slater Puts More Round Parts into Square Holes

Slater Tools Inc. announces its largest expansion of Swiss Type Rotary Broaching Tool Holders to date. These machine tools allow machinists to put hex and square shaped holes into metal parts such as aerospace and orthopedic bone screws.

Slater Tools Inc. has expanded its line of Rotary Broaching Tool Holders for CNC, screw and Swiss lathe machines and milling machines. According to Slater's official website, ( thirty-eight different Swiss broach holders are now available. This is nearly double the current offering of tool holders in the Slater Rotary Broaching Catalog. Rotary Broaching tools are used to put hex and square shaped holes into metal parts such as aerospace and orthopedic bone screws.

According to Peter Bagwell at Slater Tools, "The expanded use of rotary broaching tool holders in new and used CNC machines has created the need for a larger variety of function and adaptability in these tool holders." In 2006, Slater began to offer adjustment free rotary broaching tool holders to compliment the existing line of adjustable tool holders commonly used in screw machines. This year, the shank sizes for all Swiss type holders have been expanded to include new diameters. The increase in variety allows more CNC machines and CNC lathes to accept the tool holders without alteration. Slater is also offering some of the holders with longer shank lengths, to suit the increasingly different positions the broach holder can be installed at within the work area of modern machines.

Along with changes in turning centers and CNC machines, Slater has seen a change in the size of precision machined components being produced. The increased volume of micro size parts for both aerospace and medical customers has also increased the interest in micro broaching operations. The Swiss type tool holders are well suited for applications where the size of the form to be broached is less than .050" major diameter. All of the new broaching tools are designed to work with broaches in this size range. Any standard length square broach, hexagon broach, or custom form broach will fit these CNC machine tools.

Slater Tools rotary broaching and screw machine tools operate throughout the world on CNC, Swiss, milling, and screw machines and lathes. The design of our Swiss and standard broach holders and machine attachments have helped thousands of precision metalworking customers. Multiple industries including plumbing, medical, and aerospace rely on Slater Tools precision products.

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