7 in. HDMI Interface TFT-LCD Display- RFH70XB-1IW-LHS

Microtips Technology’s 7" RFH70XB-1IW-LHS is a medium-sized HDMI Display with a high resolution of 1024x600. This 7 inch TFT Display RFH70XB-1IW-LHS comes with a board having an HDMI interface and a 40-pin connector. It is designed to make Raspberry Pi usage easy. This TFT Display has a USB interface Resistive Touch Screen overlay on the TFT panel. As for a Capacitive Touch Panel version, it is still under development, and it will be released soon. We designed it with an HDMI connector part number WWHDMI-00#, so the customer can use it to connect RFH70XB-1IW-LHS module with Raspberry Pi directly.

7" HDMI Interface TFT-LCD Display- RFH70XB-1IW-LHS You can simply use this medium-sized TFT Display with your Raspberry Pi. Or you can use it as computer display, with any device that has an HDMI output. This 7" TFT Display comes with a resolution of 1024x600, is high quality, and would be good for embedded computing usage. Please note, this part number RFH70XB-1IW-LHS does not include an HDMI connector or USB cable.

Front Side:

  • With Resistive Touch Panel

Part No. WWHDMI-00#

  • HDMI connector for TFT Display and Raspberry Pi

Back Side:

  • With Controller Board
  • HDMI interface input
  • RTP USB interface
  • A 40-pin connector on board

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